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Jan. 15, 2022

Shoppable Media Meets Performance Marketing with Pear Commerce's Eric Martell

Shoppable Media Meets Performance Marketing with Pear Commerce's Eric Martell

The CPG Guys, PVSB and Sri are joined in this episode by Eric Martell, Founder of Pear Commerce, a shoppable media advertising platform company that simplifies retail marketing by connecting CPG advertisements directly with retailers. Its mission is to provide complete transparency from the click of an ad to the purchase of a product.

This is a partnership episode with Pear Commerce.

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Eric answers these questions:

1) You have a professional background in performance marketing, having run ads on platforms like Facebook/ Instagram/ Google/ & even Programmatic/ for your EatStreet business. Can you help us understand how that ultimately prepared you for the creation of Pear Commerce?
2) We’ve had several guests on previous episodes talk about different aspects of shoppable media: on social media sites, on brand sites. Why is shoppable media good for brands and what did you see as being the connection between digital advertising & measurable conversion methods? What are traditional brands missing when they can't use performance ecommerce/dtc marketing?  Why?
3) What is fundamentally wrong with the “where to buy” functionality for many brands and how has Pear addressed this in your platform CX?
4) So walk us through the value proposition for brands? What does a brand get when they initiate shoppable digital advertising through Pear Commerce?
5) In order for the media to be shoppable, retailers need to be involved in the ecosystem. What is the value proposition for retailers? Why do they want to participate  and how do their retailer networks integrate into your solution?
6) Brands won’t invest in media these days without measurement. ROAS, ROI, call it what you will. Digitally-native brands have clear ability to measure performance as they sell direct to consumers. How does Pear Commerce address the measurement aspect of proving that its solution delivers results to omnichannel brands?
7) Do you have any examples of how your solution is helping brands produce performing shoppable advertising programs that deliver measurable performance?
8) What do you see as being next for digital advertising and where does pear seek to invest in developing more capabilities?

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