March 31, 2020

Anthony DiGiulian on Pasta, Italian Food and Home Cooking

Anthony DiGiulian on Pasta, Italian Food and Home Cooking

On this episode we have our good friend Anthony on the show. This episode is a little different. Our guest isn’t a professional chef, and doesn’t even work in a foodservice setting. He is a very serious home cook, who’s passions include pasta and Italian food, fermentation, charcuterie and gardening. Last year, he and chef Chris Spear of Perfect Little Bites did a pop-up dinner in downtown Washington D.C that focused on homemade pasta.

Since pasta is one of Anthony’s favorite hobbies, he shares a lot of resources which we’ve listed below.

Chefs to Follow: David Marcelli, Rob Gentile, Anthony Andiario, Todd Stein, Dan Barber, Ben Fatto, Kris Lee, Evan Funke, Luca Donofrio, Michele Forgione

Businesses Mentioned: Inferno Pizzeria Napoletana in Gaithersburg, MD

Row 7 Seeds

Keep Well Vinegar

Rancho Gordo Beans

Hayden Flour Mills


Cookbooks: Zahav- Michael SolomonovSix Seasons- Joshua McFadden, Flour & Water- Thomas McNaughton




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