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Vicious cycle of inauthentic living hit home for me

I loved hearing about the vicious cycle of inauthentic living and there were a few points in that cycle that resonated with me! Ann has very clearly articulated how I have been feeling over the past few years and this really hit home for me. Thanks Ann for helping to concisely put into words something I have been struggling to understand within myself.

Great podcast!

This is an amazing podcast. It has helped me in my interior journey and has made me see the benefits of making said journey. Great podcast to listen to at any point in your life!

Becoming Me

Ann’s honesty and sincerity in sharing her own past struggles echoed so much with my own life. She gave me the courage to start digging up my well manicured cemetery lawn of buried aspects of me and allowing Jesus to breathe life into them again. I’m becoming me, can’t find a better word for it. If you feel burnt out, directionless, overwhelmed or just want to give up, listen to Ann, her stories and down to earth manner will definitely speak to your heart.

Helps me figure out where I was, am at, and where I need to be

These podcasts have accompanied me through a trying season in my life so it’s very timely. Grateful for this life-giving resource which teaches me how to dig deep and begin my own interior journey of authenticity. Still struggling and grappling, but I sincerely hope to grow and be better after doing the inner work. Life-changing podcast and I look forward to similar future digital products!

Relatable, insightful and maybe life-changing!

I love the authentic dialogue and very relatable experience that has been shared in the podcast. With the insightful prompts, this is a series that can help you look at your own life and take the starting steps to the journey to be your more genuine self. Excited to hear the upcoming episodes!

Authentic, inspiring and great questions to ponder upon

Highly recommend this podcast! I enjoy the honest sharings and appreciate the “practice prompts”, it feels as though I have an actual companion/ coach journeying with me. I am positive this podcast will be an excellent tool/resource that I could utilize on my journey to healing and becoming me.

Genuine & Inspiring

A great podcast to listen to during any time of day and at any point in life! This podcast has inspired me with it’s authentic and genuine to be a better and truer me. You’ll love it!

Amazing stuff

Very relatable. A good podcast to have a listen to as one searches a for deeper meaning in life and seek one’s true self ✨

Authentic & insightful

Authentic and insightful, this podcast is for anyone who desires to move deeper into truly being their authentic self. I enjoy and appreciate the personal stories and the guides that support me in navigating becoming who I am made to be!

Great Podcast to Journey With Daily

This is an insightful and refreshing podcast that facilitates one's journey through daily life. Highly recommended for those who seeks to discover who they truly are!