April 20, 2023

Ep.46 Listening To Her Soul Let Her Quit A 6-Figure Job And Discover Her Purpose

Ep.46 Listening To Her Soul Let Her Quit A 6-Figure Job And Discover Her Purpose

Description:    Jeanell shares her story of quitting a high-level executive position and following her heart to live a more purpose-driven life. In her words: “One day I woke up, and something said to me Jeanell it’s time to go.” ...



Jeanell shares her story of quitting a high-level executive position and following her heart to live a more purpose-driven life. In her words: “One day I woke up, and something said to me Jeanell it’s time to go.”



Jeanelle's journey of self-discovery is nothing short of inspiring as she shares her experience of reconnecting with her spirituality and finding true fulfillment beyond the confines of financial success.  In this thought-provoking conversation, she shared her courageous decision to leave behind a thriving corporate career in pursuit of a life that aligns with her core values.

In this episode, you will be able to: 


  1. The importance of honoring one's core values, listening to one's intuition, and finding alignment with one's soul's purpose.

  2. How to live a more meaningful life from a fresh perspective.

  3. Finding one's passions and striking a work-life balance are crucial.

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00:00:00 Jeanell: I found myself in sales because I love being with people. I'm very chatty and outgoing, and it worked. But then it came to a point where I realized that this was not what I felt that God had planned for me. I felt like that first half of my life, that first 40 years was great and I got to see and do some amazing and achieve some amazing things, but there was something that I felt was missing.

00:00:27 Sabine: Hello, my name is Sabine Kvenberg, founder and host of BECOME. The content will inspire you to reach your aspirations and become the best version of yourself. I feature interviews with successful individuals from various industries, delving into their personal and professional journeys and their strategies to achieve their goals. We have to become the person we are meant to be first so we can live the life we are destined to live. That means we must overcome challenges and work through difficult times to learn, grow, and become the new, more fabulous version of ourselves. I'm so glad that you're here. Let's get on this journey together.

00:01:18 Sabine: Hello and welcome, Jeanell. How are you? I'm so glad that I have you here as my guest today.

00:01:27 Jeanell: Thank you, Sabine. I'm happy to be here.

00:01:29 Sabine: So let me give our listeners just a quick view of who you are in a nutshell. Jeanell is a life and relationship coach who has a mission to save marriages and heal families from generational trauma caused in childhood. Before starting her own coaching practice, Jeanell was a highly successful sales executive in the software industry. But when she turned 40, God or the universe had a different plan in mind for her. She is proof that anything is possible and dreams can come true even if you have no idea how. Jeanell has a unique perspective that has allowed her to achieve more than most people do in 20 lifetimes. She lives by example and is committed to creating her dreams or her dream life every day. Hold on to your seats and welcome again, Jeanell.

00:02:39 Jeanell: Thank you, Sabine. Thank you so much.

00:02:42 Sabine: So where are you chiming in from?

00:02:45 Jeanell: I live in Vancouver, Canada.

00:02:48 Sabine: All right, fantastic. I have quite a few people that I interviewed in the past that are from Canada, so I love that this podcast show is international. So I also had people from South Africa, Australia, Germany. I love the diversity. So before we dive in, I just wanted to ask you, you are a certified life and relationship coach and you work with both couples and individuals. So was that always your dream career?

00:03:28 Jeanell: No, it's never dawned upon me until that moment when I was sitting on my couch just about to turn 40. You know, I've always been since I was a child, very talented and gifted. In school, I kind of just picked things up. I was a concert pianist, I was a competitive dancer. Everything just fell on my lap. And so I found myself in sales 'cuz I loved being with people. I'm very chatty and outgoing and it worked. But then it came to a point where I realized that this was not what I felt that God had planned for me. I felt like that first half of my life, that first 40 years was great and I got to see and do some amazing and achieved some amazing things, but there was something that I felt was missing.

00:04:20 Sabine: Yes. So you were in the corporate world, you had a six figure career and you gave that up basically. Was that in alignment when you turned 40 that you had all of a sudden that vision that there must be more in life? What was that pivotal moment for you that gave you that realization?

00:04:44 Jeanell: Yeah. Well, one thing I realized is I couldn't stay in a company for more than four years. Four years was kind of the limit that I would stay anywhere for in one place. And so I had actually just won a trip to Rome. Huh? I was one of the top 1% in the company, and they send their top performers on this exorbitant, extravagant luxury trip. And I remember going to my boss and saying, "You know, I don't know how much longer I wanna be here." And I remember him saying to me, "Well, what do you mean you're like at the top of the food chain, you're like winning all these things and you're doing so well. Why would you wanna leave?" And part of me was quite confused because yeah, why would I wanna leave, right? I'm getting whatever I want. I got to work from home. I sometimes work five, six hours a day making lots of money and people throwing all these prizes. And yet there was something missing inside of me. And it felt like there was a calling. It felt like I had not used up all of Jeanell. And so it was almost felt like whatever it is that I wanted to do next had to be all of me. And in sales, as much as I loved it, I felt like I had to wear a mask. I felt like I had to be someone else. I had to grow thick skin. I had to just not be authentically me. And I think a lot of us, as we get older, we really start to hear what that authenticity sounds like. And you know, you are much more aware when it's not, something's not right.

00:06:19 Sabine: Yeah. I totally get it.

00:06:21 Jeanell: Yeah. And so I actually quit my job. I had no plan B. I just, one day I woke up and something said to me, "Jeanell, it's, it's time to go." And so, I went downstairs and I said to my husband, "I'm gonna quit today." And he said, "What?" He said, "Are you sure about that?" He said, "Do you have anything lined up?" And I said, "Nope." But it just got to a point where my soul was screaming and it was crying and I just knew, I'm like, I can't do this anymore. And I couldn't tell you to be honest been why that was what that was. I just, you know, you just know your intuition is just really, really loud. And so I took the next six months to the next year just really trying to figure out who am I and what do I want?

00:07:10 Sabine: Right. And you know what the interesting part is that you followed your intuition. And a lot of people don't do this. They're not attuned to it. And when you come to that point that you realize that money is not everything, money alone doesn't give you the fulfilled life that we all really are searching for. And that's why I feel a lot of people in this world right now as we speak, are struggling with a physical health, with their mental health because of this unalignment, you know, they are not aligned with their soul. Their soul's purpose. And I truly believe that. And that's what this podcast is all about really. 

00:07:58 Jeanell: Yes. 

00:08:00 Sabine: Becoming your next greater self and really fulfilling your life's purpose. So you said, and I love what you said, you know, it doesn't match up with all the Jeanell that you are and that you know. So during that time that you took off, and I by the way hear this a lot in my interviews, that there has to be sometimes a time period where you are unsure, where you just have to be still, where you just have to take a rest for the universe to respond. And I hear that in you, too. So lead us through that process, that metamorphosis, so to speak.

00:08:43 Jeanell: Yeah. Well the first thing I started to do is I started to listen to some Christian music and just get reconnected to God because a lot of us, when we get into the grind, especially in corporate, we forget to feed our spiritual body, you know? And so I got reconnected to that, and then the next step I asked myself was why was I so unhappy? What was it that was missing? That was part of my core values that I was not honoring? Because like you said, if we're not in alignment, then we're gonna feel that pain, that struggle. But if you don't know what your center is, if you don't know what your core values is, you're never gonna know what makes you happy and what doesn't make you happy. And so I've spent a couple months just thinking, what is Jeanell's core values? So that whenever I do, if I look for a new job or I decide to start my own business, it's my center point. And what I discovered was I have five core values, and my five core values is family, fun, freedom, flow, and faith. And when I honor those five things, I am always good. And whenever I don't honor those things, I feel it. So as soon as I start to feel that icky feeling, I go back to my values and I go, okay, what, which of those values am I not honoring right now? And usually it's fun or faith.

00:10:14 Sabine: Yeah. Yeah. I can totally, totally relate to it because when we do something that we are passionate about and we are really engaged in our work, sometimes we forget. And not that it's not fun, right? But we still have to have a live balance with everything and said, "Wow, have I done anything fun lately? Like just going out on a canoe trip," or whatever it may be for you, right? And I totally get it. And this is when most people get burned out, by the way, if they're not in balance with their life,

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00:13:06 Sabine: So you rediscovered or discovered your five values that are very important to you. What was then the next step that helped you through that process to get to where you are now?

00:13:22 Jeanell: I asked myself, you know, who am I at the end of my life? What is it that I wanna be able to achieve? And what I discovered is I wanna be able to make a difference. I wanna make an impact in the world. I don't even care if people remember my name. I just wanna be able to have left this earth better than when I came. And so the question I asked myself was, what would be the greatest expression of my love? What does that look like? I mean, we all have love inside us and we all express it differently, right? Some of us are nurses, some of us like to cook. But I said, you know, what is authentically Jeanell? If God was able to create the perfect job for Jeanell, what would that job be? And so I really just started to brainstorm what are the things about life, about people? Where am I passionate? And you know, coming from corporate, I knew that I loved being with people. I love teaching, I love inspiring. And people listened to me. People really took in what I said. And so I actually hired my own coach to try to figure out my life. And in that process of her helping me, I realized that's what I wanna do, is I wanna be like her. I wanna be able to come into people's lives and help them find clarity and power and confidence and find themselves again.

00:14:51 Sabine: Yes. Yes. So, totally. You know, what you said is so, so true. You hired yourself a coach, even coaches need coaches. We consistently are growing. Absolutely. So what made you decide, have you had an experience that you could use that was really a dark time in your life perhaps that helped you to do what you do now?

00:15:18 Jeanell: Absolutely. I've had a lot of dark things happen in my life. You know, when I was nine, you know, I grew up with really great parents who loved each other a lot. They were affectionate, they were playful, they did everything together. But then when I was nine, my dad cheated on my mom, had an affair with my mom's best friend who was actively pursuing my dad. And he got her pregnant and he laughed. And I was nine, my sister was six, and my brother was three. So we were very young and because I'm the eldest, I was kind of my mom's sidekick. So she'd go on these like late night detective, hanging out in front of their house, waiting for them to come out. And I was her partner in all of that. And so that was a very difficult time in my life. But having gone through that, and so how this story ends, actually, lemme lemme finish the story. So my dad leaves, he gets sick three years later and he comes back to my mom and he says, and my mom is a nurse. And he says to my mom, "I'm sick, will you take care of me?" And my mom said, "Absolutely, yes. And you can come home under two conditions. Number one, you never go back. If you're here, you're here. And number two, we never talk about this ever again. We forgive, we forget, we move on." And she honored that. She never brought it up, never hung it over his head. And this is why I'm such an advocate of forgiveness. And I think we all need to learn how to not only forgive ourselves and then be able to forgive other people. But in that experience, I, you know, I thought that even though my dad came back and he passed away and it was peaceful and it was loving and we were there going into my twenties, I realized that there was still a lot of stuff that I hadn't resolved because of my dad. And what happened as a nine year old. And what I discovered doing the work was I had made three decisions at nine years old. I decided that I'm unlovable. I can't trust people and everybody I love will leave me. So even though, even though that was complete, that relationship was complete, the trauma still kept going. And so I've spent the last 20 years of my life daily still dealing with those things.

00:17:49 Sabine: Yes.

00:17:49 Jeanell: Right. And you know, now that I'm married, I'm married to the most incredible husband. You know, there's still things that he'll say that will trigger me because of my trust issues. But there's nothing there. But it's just this knee jerk reaction that I have to manage and be responsible for. But to answer your question, I think why I'm such a great... I know that I am such a great coach because I have so much compassion for people, because I have been through a lot of what they're dealing with. People pleasing, perfectionism, you know, abandonment issues, trust issues, confidence issues. You know, I was molested when I was nine. There's so much to share. But in the moment, and I wanna say this to the listeners in the moment, we think to ourselves, "Why me? Why did this happen to me?" But really what I'm discovering is everything happens to us for a reason. And it is up to us to find the gift, the lesson, the opportunity in every one of those challenging moments. Because it is in the challenge that we grow. It is not in the days when life is blissful that we actually grow. No, it is in those dark moments that those happen.

00:19:05 Sabine: Absolutely. I cannot agree more. And I see that is a recurring theme with all of my guests. That's when we grow, that's when we make a difference. And that's when we discover what we really can do. But the interesting part is what you mentioned, that especially when we are children, the experiences that we have there are in our subconscious mind, ingrained and consciously. We already, you know, say, okay, that was in the past. All right, whatever it's done. But it pops up at moments, why are we not getting through this? Or why are we not moving forward faster? Or why is there a block? And it's because of those same things that are in the past, it still have to be worked out and released. Were transformed into what was into how we can use it into what is now. And it's an ongoing work. That is very, very fascinating. But I want to go on to a little bit of a lighter subject now because I love stories. And one of the things that struck me when we connected was your crazy story. So one of the things that you shared with me that you met the Queen of England and was almost arrested. So can you share a little bit more about that?

00:20:40 Jeanell:Yes. So lemme just show you. So this is me, at six years old. That's my mom in the back with the camera and my sister in the background. And the reason... First I wanna share why I keep this picture. I dug it up when she passed away cuz it was in, you know, in my storage unit. And when I look at this little girl and what she had to go through to meet this woman and how she was unstoppable and she saw the moment escaping her. She was like, "No, I'm gonna run after her and I'm gonna go for it." And she got what she wanted. This is why I keep this picture in my office cuz I remind myself this is who I need to get back to.

00:21:26 Sabine: So you basically run out through the crowd, you know, and this little, little tiny one for the listeners here, I see this picture. I could see Jeanell, she was just out behind the... or in front of the barrier and just... she stood right in front of the queen and the queen was so gracious to look at her. And did she say something to you?

00:21:52 Jeanell: Yeah. So what happened is, this is actually, my mom used to work at the hospital and she came to open a new wing, to cut the ribbon. And I remember that day it was a cloudy day and my mom said, "We're gonna go see the queen." And I was a... like I told you earlier, I was a dancer. I knew how to courtesy, so I was like, "I need to show her my courtesy." And so we passed by a grocery store and I said, "Mom, we need to stop to get some flowers for the queen." And my mom is thinking to herself, "You're never gonna see the queen." So she goes and buys the cheapest flowers that she can find just to keep me quiet. When we get to this place. And they, as you see, they have the pillars and they have the yellow rope. And the RCMP comes through and says, you know, children are not allowed to pass this line, keep them back. Of course, everyone says yes, but of course, I'm so little, this rope is above my head, so it's easy for me to wonder. So we probably wait maybe an hour. And finally she comes down, and of course everyone is screaming, right? Trying to get her attention. And all the kids are throwing, you know, waving around their flowers and I'm screaming, "[inaudible] I have flowers for you," Of course she doesn't see me, hear me. And I see her, I notice, I'm like, "Oh no, she's leaving, but I have flowers," so what do I go, do I just make this decision? Like, "Okay, I'm gonna go for it." And I just bolted and I just ran after her. And everybody in the entourage turns around and then the police start chasing me. But she sees this happening, so  she waves them off. She's like, "It's okay, it's okay" So she walks back to this area to where I'm standing and she just says to me, she says, "Are these for me?" And I said, "Yes, you're majesty." And she said, "Oh, thank you so much dear." And I courtesied and they took the picture as she was grabbing the flowers to me, and I got on the front page of the newspaper.

00:23:55 Sabine: Oh, how fun. What a fun story this is. I love it. I love it. Thanks so much for sharing. Which also gives us another little golden nugget. And that is, if you really want something, you go after it. No matter how difficult it may seem, or it seems impossible, you just do it. Great reminder.

00:24:23 Jeanell: Yeah. I knew in that moment that this moment was never gonna come again. And I was like, I either let it go or I go after it and I feel like that's how I've tried to live my life.

00:24:35 Sabine: I love it. I love it. So, Jeanell, if people want to get in touch with you, what is the best way to do that?

00:24:43 Jeanell: Yes, they can reach me on my website at jeanellegreen.com or at saveourmarriage.ca

00:24:53 Sabine: And I will make sure to put it in the show notes as well. Thank you so much for sharing your story and insights and I wish you many, many more years of excitement and just life full of new experiences.

00:25:13 Jeanell: Thank you.

00:25:14 Sabine: That was my interview, and if you enjoyed it, give us a five star review, leave a comment and share it with your friends. Thanks for listening. Until I see you again. Always remember, serve from the heart, follow your passion and live the life you imagine.