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The podcast BECOME features interviews with successful individuals from various industries, delving into their personal and professional journeys and the strategies they've used to achieve their goals. The podcast aims to inspire listeners to take steps towards reaching their own aspirations and becoming the best version of themselves.

Recent Episodes

Ep.42 Unstoppable - We Can Have It All

March 23, 2023

After being abused by her drug-addicted mother, she was adopted at the age of 4. Victoria has been driven to show the world that no matter your circumstances, you can create a successful and happy life. Today she is a wife, …

Ep.41 Master Talk - Becoming A Skillful Communicator

March 16, 2023

My guest today is Brendon Kumarasamy, the founder of MasterTalk. He started coaching others on speaking impactfully when he was only 19. He shares his story growing up in a family with an alcoholic father whom he stopped tal…

Ep.40 Toxic Family - Transforming Childhood Trauma into Adult Freedom

March 9, 2023

Description:  In this episode, Susan shares her unique perspective on life challenges and how they can be occasions for transformation. Drawing from her own experiences, she provides insights and tools that can help others a…

Ep.39 At Gunpoint Divine Intervention Saved Wally's Life

March 2, 2023

Celebrity pro athlete Wally Green shows us that no matter where you've been and how you started, you have the choice and power to change anything in your life. He endured mental and physical abuse and almost took his parents…

Ep.38 Don't Wait For Your Wake-Up Call

Feb. 23, 2023

After 24 years of service, Melissa was given 1 hour to clear her desk with no word of thanks! However, this allowed her to rethink her life. She was open to being guided as to what was next. She shares her story of how a see…

Ep.37 Getting Things Done, Even If You Don't Like Doing It

Feb. 16, 2023

We have to do these three things if we want to get things done. Whether you want to achieve things in your personal or professional life, you must follow these three steps I share in this episode. Go to  to get the 30-Day Ka…