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June 13, 2019

Special Episode 20- With Host Leticia Latino on: 'Where my Intuition has Taken ME'

Special Episode 20- With Host Leticia Latino on: 'Where my Intuition has Taken ME'

Inspired by the conversations had in the first 20 Episodes of Back2Basics, Host Leticia Latino-van Splunteren shares the story of one of the most difficult times in her life, and how trusting her intuition helped her see through it.

In thinking how to commemorate Episode 20 of this Podcast (which in the podcasting world means YOU ARE OFFICIALLY A PODCASTER!) Leticia chose to be vulnerable and go deep into the memories of a very rough time in her life. She got the inspiration for this episode as a result of the interview she did with Zach Luz and by listening to his podcast
GUIDED which she highly recommends.
She reflected hard on her own intuition and how it has impacted her life, and chose to share in this powerfull and inspiring episode how following "the whispers" of her intuition impacted her both personally and in business.

Special thanks to Alasdair and Julie-Roxane whom not only edit and produce the show but who have become great friends and supporters throughout this journey. Check out their PODCAST FAR OUT:

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