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Great way to begin your day!
Leticia is fun, energetic, passionate and is always well prepared for her guests. She creates fantastic conversations!

Leticia helped me show people how to solve their anxiety
It was a pleasure to be on Back2Basics with Leticia. She understood the importance of getting people results for their anxiety and asked good, insightful questions.

Firewalking 🔥👣 with Leticia Latino
Was just on the "Back 2 Basics Podcast with Master Host: Leticia Latino. As a guest, this is the kind of show you dream abount. When the mic's go live be prepared for her to create an outstanding interview. Leticia is "all in", and its clear why she is such a legion. Very grateful she had me on her show. Dave Albin CEO Firewalk Adventures

Engaging conversations
Y or can tell when a podcast host loves what they do and that is so with Leticia and her Back2Basics conversations. Tune in!!

Great Podcast with a needed Message
This is the kind of podcast that can help anyone. You could listen to this and lead a more fulfilling and joyful life. The host is excellent!

Wisdom and Positivity
Really wonderful to hear Leticia’s stories and guests on their journeys in life. The openness and vulnerability in these stories can relate so much to my own struggles and successes. I look forward to hearing more stories from the diverse guests and Leticia to gain wisdom and maintain positivity in life. Congratulations on 100 episodes and doing the work! You are an inspiration! Just added to my initial review here to say that this podcast has gotten better and better. More Interesting guests and even more interesting stories every week! Keep up the great work, Leticia!!!!

Terrific Podcast
Leticia is such a wonderful host. She attracts guests with insights and experiences to share and she brings out the best in them. The podcast always leaves me inspried and offers actionable insights.

Great Conversations
I really enjoy the conversations on this show. Leticia does a great job in asking great questions and uncovering insights that are actionable and helpful. Highly recommend!

Worldly and wonderful
Letitia is showing up in the best way to make the podcasting world richer and more fun. She’s got a great show, great voice, and an inquiring mind. Enjoyed every minutes.

Prepared to be inspired
Leticia and I had a wonderful conversation about my 40+ year journey with my music. If you are an entrepreneur or if you aspire to be an entrepreneur, I think you will really enjoy this episode.

Truly an inspiration!
So grateful to talk to Leticia. She's is an amazing host. She's truly engaging and asked insightful questions. We had a spontaneous and heartfelt conversation. Truly an inspiration! Way to go, Leticia!

Excellent host!
Leticia and I had a really good conversation. I appreciate being able to share my story with her audience and I highly recommend her podcast ✨

A great host with a positive commitment
I love this focus of Leticia on sharing the stories of people who bring wisdom from their life experiences. Thank you for having me as a guest on your show.

Absolutely Lovely Host
Leticia is a beautiful host who leads from her heart in her podcast episodes! A must listen to learn something that will help you in your life.

An inspiring and eclectic podcast
Leticia puts herself out there. She veers far away from her comfort zone and she never looks back, as she steadfastly takes the on-ramp into the realm of podcast host/maestro of networking, all the while fostering the idea of mindfulness over detachment. Much like she does with her friendships in real life (which thankfully include yours truly) she welcomes a wide-ranging and curated mix of personalities, inviting them to give us listeners the skinny on what makes them tick. This podcast is a case study on what true networking and connectivity should be. What are you waiting for? Plug those AirPods into your ear sockets, dig out that aux cord when you’re in traffic, or blare the Back2Basics podcast on speaker like I do. Prepare to be inspired. Congrats, Leti!

Super recommend
fresh, current and human the conversations of Leticia.

inspiration ( Episode 60 )
Leti is one of my best friend from my childhood. I saw how we both lived different experiences along our friendship. She has always inspired me and I saw how she much grew but her podcast is more than I was expecting and more than what I knew she was capable of because she tells us how important is find to our importance so I am glad that I can hear you and your special guests too. Keep giving us your talents!!

Laticia has a real knack for interviewing and speaking. When listening to her Podcasts you know she is being her authentic self while interacting with her guests. This trait and her obvious inquisitive nature put hers guest at ease and gets them to open up. She instills trust which translates into very deep and meaningful conversations. Paul Polewko

Inspiring and Positive
Take the time to listen the B2B episodes. You will find them inspiring, positive and realistic. Thank u Leti for making me enter into the podcast “world “ and congrats for such an amazing work . Looking forward to more ! Vane

Full of energy and wisdom
This podcast is amazing, I’ve enjoyed every single guest that Leticia interview. “What makes you tick?” is a very powerful statement”, most of the people pass through life without a purpose, not knowing what is important and what we are doing here.

Authentic and inspiring
Leticia's great and so are her guests! I've been particularly impressed by the range and quality of her guests which makes for many interesting stories and perspectives around her central question: what makes you tick? I've also really enjoyed hearing Leticia's own story emerge through her interviews---I hope there's more to come!

This is the real thing: Great insights from real people
Fantastic to listen to these podcasts of different people of different walks of life: no agenda, not selling you anything, just sharing their thoughts, experiences, and views on something that we all share.

Insightful and meaningul conversations!
Leticia reminds us through the inspiring stories of her guests what truly matters in life. She brings every conversation Back2Basics in such a joyful way.

Great interviews and insights!

Great start!!
Wow Leti, what can I say...I have known you for over 20 years and although we are not in constant communication, I have always admired the way you live your life. You’re not only a leader but someone who leads by example and that’s the best kind of leadership you can give. All my respect to you and I have no doubt this new journey of podcasting will be a great one, as everything you do. Love the topic ‘Back to basics’. How much we all need of that!! Will be tuning in as often as I can. God bless you my friend!! Pilar