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Back2Basics: Reconnecting to the essence of YOU

We spend our hours ‘connected,’ but we’re drifting away from real human connection. Especially to ourselves. Join host Leticia Latino and her inspiring guests in exploring ways to reconnect to your essence, to your definite purpose, to what makes you TICK. Are you ready?”

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June 15, 2024

E259: Cristina Castagnini - The Reality of Eating Disorders

Cristina Castagnini, PhD, is a is a licensed Psychologist and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist who has over 20 years of experience treating patients presenting with a variety of mental health issues. After overcoming h…
June 7, 2024

E258: Katherine McCord- Making Neurodiversity Inclusion a Global Norm

Katherine McCord is the Founder and President Titan Management (a People Operations and Neurodiversity Consulting firm) whose mission revolves around Innovation, Integrity and Inclusion. Katherine is also an international s…
June 2, 2024

E257: Sara Hirsh Bordo - Keep Saying YES

Sara Hirsh Bordo is a 15x award-winning filmmaker and Founder/CEO of empowerment production company Women Rising®, named "One of the Most Innovative, Interesting, and Purpose-Driven Women Led Startups to Watch” by Inc Magazi…
May 24, 2024

E256: Chad Hufford - Being a better steward of your Money

Chad Hufford is a bestselling author, wealth management Coach and the founder of Veritas Wealth Management, a boutique financial planning firm, that manages $500 million dollars worth of assests. In addition to finance, he …
May 17, 2024

E255: E255: Maestro Stephen Gunzenhauser - The symphony of a Life-Time

Maestro Stephen Gunzenhauser musical legacy includes 40 years as the conductor for the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra and being a guest conductor with over 100 orchestras all over the world. This incredible experience prompte…
May 13, 2024

E256: Dave Albin- Conquering your Fears

Most People know Dave Albin as the #1 Firewalk instructor in America, and have seen him in many of Tony Robbins iconic events, where he has gotten thousands walking across hot burning coals. His success has a violent and…