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May 3, 2024

E253: Patti Handy - Supercharge your financial Journey

E253: Patti Handy - Supercharge your financial Journey

After spending nearly four decades in various roles within the Financial Services and Corporate Banking industries, and when faced with an unexpected divorce, Patti Handy decided to pursue her passion for Financial Coaching to help educate and empower others as they navigate their financial journeys. She’s also an Executive and Life Certified Coach, and the author of four books including Money Rules 101.

Patti's story in her own words:

How can a broken heart hurt so much?

I’ll never forget it.  My 18-month-old son was sleeping peacefully upstairs.  My husband sat across from me, staring at the floor.  “I want a divorce.”  It took me a minute to realize I stopped breathing. I felt my world explode.

 In that moment, everything I thought was real was obliterated.  The pain and shock were unimaginable. 

After he left, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through the next hour, much less the days and months ahead.

Maybe you’re feeling that way right now.  Please know you’re not alone. 

There is hope.  It’s hard to imagine while you’re going through it, but you will survive – and in time, even thrive.

Finding your way through the haze…

How do I know?  Because I’ve been there.  Even though I was comfortable making financial decisions, I was still scared. I was afraid of running out of money, I desperately wanted financial security, knowing that my son and I were going to be okay. It was all I could think about. Even with my background in finance, I still made mistakes...costly mistakes. Out of desperation, I made bad decisions. 

I found a way out and I want to teach this to you. Let me share with you what I discovered, which is allowing me to live a life of fulfillment and joy. I want this for you, too. 


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