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April 20, 2024

E251: Phyllis Leavitt - The Healing Journey

E251: Phyllis Leavitt - The Healing Journey

Phyllis Leavitt is an accomplished psychotherapist with over 3 decades of experience working extensively with abuse and dysfunctional family dynamics, their aftermath, and some of the most important elements for healing. She is also an acclaimed author having three books under her belt. In her latest book, America in Therapy: A New Approach to Hope and Healing for a Nation in Crisis. she talks about the urgency to bring the USA to therapy in a way never written about before. This episode is marked with plenty of interesting and challenging thoughts, worthy of many hours of conversation!

In Phyllis's own words:

I have just written book called America in Therapy: A New Approach To Hope And Healing For A Nation In Crisis, in which I talk about the urgency to bring our whole country to therapy in a way never written about before. From years of experience as a client myself, and well over 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist working extensively with individual and family dysfunction and abuse, I felt a deep calling to share all I have learned with the public and demonstrate how the principles of the best psychotherapy can be used to help heal our country of escalating hatred, divisiveness and violence. I speak to all of us who fear for our children and all future generations, who may feel hopeless or resigned or simply don't know what to do to help create a more loving and sustainable world. I bring a message of both urgency and hope, in language the layman can easily relate to and understand, through personal stories, client case studies, and professional expertise. My basic premise is that we are on a collision course with our own extinction and I see this as a national and global mental health crisis that is not being addressed. I explore the direct correlation between the most destructive family dynamics on the individual level and many of the behaviors and actions of some of our most powerful institutions and leaders, and I highlight that millions of us are suffering the effects of national psychological dysfunction in ways we might not be aware of. I help the listener understand that many answers of how to heal our human relations and restore us to peace and safety are already known and used effectively in the field of psychotherapy and that there is HOPE if we can take everything we know about healing into national conversation. The best psychotherapy helps interrupt the cycle of violence— which is our best hope of prevention— and it involves a total reversal of many of the beliefs and dynamics that now run our country. I share with the listener, in ways not commonly understood or generally spoken of, all I have learned about what is needed to help restore us to safety, and how every one of us can participate in healing ourselves and our country, no matter how large or small our sphere of influence.

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