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March 18, 2024

E247: Ingo Schulmeyer - The Small Reset

E247: Ingo Schulmeyer - The Small Reset

Despite a very successful Corporate Career and what most would describe as a perfect life, Ingo Schulmeyer didn’t feel fulfilled, so he and his family decided to go on an adventure to Mexico and find a new life there. This episode is all about resetting, aligning with purpose and starting fresh.

In Ingo's Own words:

Chasing goals is something useful when we are on a Growth pass. But we must make sure, that we don't identify ourselfs with our goals. True happiness can be found only in the present. If we set conditions that need to occur, before we feel better, this will never work. Because once these conditions are met, we will find new conditions. To become the best version of yourself, and live a life in abundance, we need to understand that. This is were our growth path starts. If we give every day our best and accept what is than we can really grow. Over the last years, I developed a framework with which I guide other professionals to find their own way. I'm also a 6x Ironman, incl. competing in the World Championship on Hawaii. Being an Ironman helped me also to develop a clear and winning mindset, focusing on what really matters and leave the rest aside.

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