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Dec. 20, 2023

E235: Eric Nehrlich - Reconnecting with Purpose

E235: Eric Nehrlich - Reconnecting with Purpose

Eric Nehrlich is an executive coach who draws on twenty years of experience in the tech industry to help leaders have more impact. Before becoming a coach, Eric spent ten years as an engineer and product manager across several startups and the Tech giant Google. Eric is also the Author of "You Have A Choice, when working harder isn't working". If you are struggling with connecting with your purpose, this episode is for you!

In Eric's Words:


I used to be miserable. I had spent my whole life exceeding expectations, and eventually landed a dream job at Google, tasked with responsibilities that felt so important that I could not fail. But a couple years later, I was working 8am to midnight every day, including most weekends, drowning in emails and meetings and tasks, feeling stuck with no idea how my life was ever going to change. Now my work is meaningful and inspiring to me, and I work when I choose. I spend quality time with my family, while still having time for my own pursuits. I am designing my own life, day by day, to create impact in alignment with my values. What changed? I realized I had a choice. I could keep going as I had been, letting my success be defined by the expectations of others. Or I could find a new path, one where I chose my own success. As part of redesigning my life, I became an executive coach, helping leaders grow their impact by sharing the principles and mindsets that I had used to change my own life. In November of 2023, I published a book, You Have A Choice: Beyond Hard Work to Meaningful Impact, to share that approach with a wider audience and help others start on their own journey of discovery and creation. 

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