Jan. 30, 2024

Transform Your Life with Self-Compassion & Mindfulness

Let's explore the profound depths of self-compassion and mindfulness.

Drawing wisdom from tantric Buddhism, we'll delve into how compassion intertwines with the concept of emptiness, revealing its role as a source of potential and growth. Discover the power of embracing your suffering with compassion, understanding its impermanent nature, and recognizing its inherent fullness. 

Dive deeper into the synergy between mindfulness and self-compassion, learning how they collectively enhance our awareness and presence. Inspired by insights from psychologist Chris Germer, this video illuminates self-compassion as a crucial tool in overcoming shame and anxiety.

At 12 minutes in, join me in a guided meditation session designed to foster a loving, non-judgmental awareness of your inner experiences, connecting you to your own hero's journey and the collective human journey.

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