March 28, 2024

Seeing Through Our Stories - Finding Peace in the Present

In this powerful 30-minute video from our Peace & Prosperity Circle ( ) gathering, I invite you to explore how mindfulness can help you awaken your personal myth and transform your relationship with the stories you tell yourself. Through a guided meditation and heartfelt talk, I share my own journey of untangling shame-based narratives and learning to respond from a place of presence rather than reactivity.


Together, we'll discover how to:

  • Observe the interplay between bodily sensations, thoughts, and the stories that arise
  • Break free from habitual patterns by staying present with raw experience
  • Navigate the evolution of your personal myth from unconscious conditioning to authentic expression
  • Meet even your most painful stories with compassionate awareness to uncover the seeds of healing within them

If you've ever struggled with challenges in relationships, major life transitions, or the fear of the unknown, this video offers a path forward. By courageously facing our shadows and bringing mindful awareness to our stories, we can awaken the peaceful presence and compassionate heart that is our truest nature.

I hope these insights resonate with your own journey of personal myth-making and inspire you to keep showing up for yourself with openness and curiosity. Remember, the path isn't always easy, but it's through embracing the full spectrum of our human experience that we discover the transformative power of presence.

You can take the Seeing Through Our Stories Mindfulness Challenge at

If you feel called to dive deeper into this work, I invite you to join me and our vibrant online community in the Peace & Prosperity Circle. In this safe and supportive space, we gather regularly to explore the art of mindful living, share our challenges and triumphs, and cultivate a deeper sense of connection and purpose. Through our live discussions, guided practices, and ongoing support, you'll gain valuable tools for navigating your own hero's journey with greater ease and grace.

To learn more about the Peace & Prosperity Circle and how you can get involved, go to We'd be honored to have you join us on this path of awakening to your most authentic, joyful, and peaceful self.

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