Feb. 14, 2024

Awaken Your Personal Myth - Meditation & Mindfulness Live Session

In this episode, we journey together through a meditation and exploration of self, recorded during one of our live gatherings in the Awaken Your Myth community.

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We kick things off with a down-to-earth meditation, guiding you inward through your breath to notice the simple yet profound sensations of being here, now. It's all about connecting with yourself on a deeper level, feeling the ground beneath you, and just being present in the moment.

Afterward (00:014:14), we get real about how our thoughts shape who we are and the freedom that comes with letting go of past and future hang-ups to fully embrace the present. Taking a page from Eckhart Tolle, we explore what it means to live with genuine presence and how it changes the way we interact with the world around us.

This isn’t just another meditation episode. It's your call to dive into your own hero's journey, to face the depths of your mind, and to awaken the unique story only you can tell. It's about challenging the stories that hold you back and finding freedom in the here and now. If mindfulness, personal growth, or living a deeply connected life speaks to you, you’re in the right place.

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