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A reading from my upcoming novel - Love in a Dying Town

What would you sacrifice for your child? Dreams? Ambitions? Everything?
Jim Bowen is a single father who struggles with his ex-wife. He still loves her and wants it to work but her toxic personality is devastating to their sweet seven-year-old daughter, Lily.
His grand ambitions of being an architect and building skyscrapers in a big city have eluded him. He’s on edge, working in a factory and living in a dying mid-west town while trying to raise his daughter and teach her right from wrong. The pressures are mounting.
Like the town, he fights on for a better life. That better life may come in the form of a single woman with a child of her own.
Pushed to the limits, they fight through each day, while most of the townspeople hold together like a family relying on each other.
The town that once thrived now hangs on to the past like a fraying thread.
Did they stay too long? Will love save them, or will bitterness destroy them all?
The answers delve deep into the eternal question of what it means to truly love.