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May 8, 2024

#115- Meditation Changes our Brain Chemistry with Kara Goodwin

#115- Meditation Changes our Brain Chemistry with Kara Goodwin

This was such a great conversation. In today's show I speak with Kara Goodwin, the host of the Meditation Conversation Podcast. 

Mediation brings us back to the moment and can help transform our brain chemistry with certain techniques' and being present can help calm many charges issues. 

Kara Goodwin is a meditation and spiritual transformation coach, host of The Meditation Conversation podcast, energy healer, and beekeeper. She was drawn to meditation after a tragic year which brought many losses in quick succession. It felt as though her whole reality shifted, and she dedicated herself to learning the art of meditation. Through her deepening practice of meditation she has opened herself up to a strong connection with Source. In the years since she has been meditating and guiding others on their journeys, she has uncovered latent energy healing capabilities and experiences frequent unexplainable phenomena (visions, journeys into multidimensional realms, inner knowings verified in the external environment, insights). She has had several powerful transcendental experiences where she has experienced her consciousness "outside of her body," as something much bigger than her "little self," and also had transcendental experiences where she viscerally experienced her physical body as a cosmic entity - feeling/seeing her chakras and their corresponding elemental connections, feeling the different parts of her brain and how each part relates to frequency, how consciousness is nonlocal and memories/experiences are stored in the body. These have been spellbinding revelations to experience, which have completely shifted how she sees the life experience and the power and potential of each life here. Most importantly, although these experiences are unique in their way, they are also universal in that they have shown the framework that we are all living in in our human experiences

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