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Thoughtful & inspiring
Douglas asks thoughtful questions and provokes interesting dialogue. He is a genuine person - hard to find - so I enjoy listening to his show.

Powerful discussions
Deep and meaningful discussions and insights. Douglas is a knowledgeable and thoughtful host and finds fascinating guests.

Changing the world!🎙️❤️
I love the power in the conversations. It is nice to have podcasts like the Den of Discussion, that invite free flowing conversation in such a world as ours. Thank you Douglas for providing us with this.

Sustainable podcast was very interesting and insightful.

Empowering Podcast
I sincerely enjoy Douglas and his podcast. He is an excellent host. He has interesting guests and asks questions that make people think. Douglas is informative & entertaining. His podcast episodes are professional, well done & fun to listen to. Thank you for all of your efforts. Every episode is a delight!

New Favorite
Doug has such an inquisitive mind. Love hearing these conversations and they always get me thinking and expanding myself!

Douglas always makes me stretch out my Grey matter. Big fan of what he brings to the table!

Brilliant and Fascinating Discussion
I look forward to Doug Robbin’s Den of Discussion. Podcasts. They are entertaining and poignant. This particular podcast I found to be fascinating. The premise of ‘where do we go from here’ is not a new concept. Many generations have felt this. Imagine the world of a post WW2 generation picking up after that human catastrophe. However, it was still a world that we understood. The path moving forward is a lot less clear given the technological and societal differences that exist today. Doug’s guest Terry Thiele delves into this through their discussion in both an enlightening and terrifying way. Please listen as it is one of the more intelligent podcasts I’ve heard in a long time.

Den of Discussion with Doug Robbins
Today I listened to Doug’s podcast with Terry Phields!! They had a riveting conversation on our 4th Age of peoples existence! What a brilliant and informative conversation! You must listen !! Actually, Doug’s conversation are always so informative!! Thank you ,

A new source for informative discussions
I learned a lot listening to this podcast. Many author’s and thinkers were mentioned; names you don’t unless you make an effort to get beyond superficial consumption of news and history. The Fourth Age is a big picture idea meant to Describe our unique place in human history spanning tens of thousands of years. Robbins is a sincere and searching questioner who brings it all down to earth and grounds the discussion with relatable examples from everyday life.

Very Interesting
Very interesting and extremely thought provoking. I liked it a lot

Informative and Interesting
I learned so much and was impressed with the scope of information and topics. I’m a fan of Doug Robbins work!

Thought provoking
I have always enjoyed Douglas Robbins the author and now have a new respect for him and his interviewing skills. Douglas is able to attract some of the most interesting and thought provoking guests to his podcast. Doug’s ability to make the guests feel comfortable so that the information flows freely is very much appreciated. I am a fan and will continue to look forward to new podcasts in the future.

Outstanding podcasts
I think the way Douglas approaches these topics is so interesting. His most recent discussion on technology has been really eye-opening. Personally, I’m a college student trying to navigate the world of going to school and applying to jobs in the age of technology. I have noticed that while my parents can give generic help, it is a bit difficult because my experience is nothing like their experience due to technology. Den of Discussion has really helped me to consider why that might be.

"Den of Discussion" ROCKS!!
This podcast, #78 was a game changer, absolutely loved it. I could listen to Douglas Robbins' podcasts all day, they are always insightful, explorative, and super interesting. As a fan of Mr. Robbins' podcasts, and his books (novels, short stories, etc.), all I can say is that we need more of what is churning inside that mind of his! I'd give 10 stars if I could, big fan!

Great Pod
Super insightful and interesting. Lots to think about and Mr. Robbins style is warm, funny and thought provoking.

Very informative
Great job delivering interesting content as usual. I truly enjoy how Douglas listens to his guests and asks questions as a reaction to their thoughts. A great way to get more information out and dig deeper which a lot of podcasts miss.

Love this guy
Always very insightful and intelligent conversations that get me thinking about things in a different way.

Review of Den of Discussion
Always great stuff. This episode ( 78) was particularly interesting especially as to what is happening with Russia and Ukraine. Mr.Robbins always has excellent guests and offers insightful queries.

Interesting topics well discussed.
Doug is a thoughtful host that asks great questions. Definitely worth connecting with him and his wide ranging cast of guests.

What a great free flowing discussion!
I was honored to be a guest on the Den of Discussion Podcast and found myself engaged in a great free flowing conversation that touched on martial arts, spirituality, self development, and overcoming adversity! A Must Listen!!