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May 3, 2023

#98 - Honorship

#98 - Honorship

We hear about ownership, but what about honorship? Owning what we honor becomes our lives and how we live. Honor pain and doubt, you get more of the same. Honor love, more love finds you.

We often hear about following one's dreams. That can often be found in some external pursuit. Yet all dreams start with honoring oneself. Honoring oneself in the face of opposition or that negative chattering voice. Beneath opposition and fear exists truth. So all of the doubts become quieter, the confusions subside, because the answers remain the same. It comes back to love and your purpose on this earth. The calling and listening, acting upon, is honorship. This is me. Who are you?

It is very hard to honor oneself when we are denying ourselves. And therefore the dream will remain only that.

Enjoy this important solocast.

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