April 18, 2024

Unlocking Vibrant Health: The Gut Microbiome Revolution with Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki

Unlocking Vibrant Health: The Gut Microbiome Revolution with Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki

In this episode, Dr. Fitness talks with Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki about the importance of gut health and its impact on overall wellness. Tune in as Dr. Rutecki explains the significance of maintaining a healthy gut microbiome and offers insights into her Rutecki Method, a 30-day program designed to transform gut health. Be sure to stay tuned as she highlights symptoms of gut microbiome dysfunction, such as digestive issues and autoimmune conditions, and emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet rich in fermented foods and fiber. She also offers resources for further guidance and testing.

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki is a distinguished Pharmacist and Board Certified Functional Medicine expert, trained at the Institute of Functional Medicine. She excels in identifying the root causes of bodily imbalances, focusing on nutrition, digestion, detoxification, immune function, hormones, and metabolism. Dr. Rutecki's comprehensive approach empowers clients to attain optimal health and peak performance.

3:16 - Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki discusses how gut health impacts brain fog, cancer, autoimmune conditions, cardiovascular disease, and low energy.
4:17 - Dr. Rutecki and Dr. Fitness discuss how an unhealthy gut microbiome can lead to disease when it's not fed the right foods, and how important it is to feed the gut microbiome the right nutrients for optimal health.
8:33 - Dr. Fitness highlights the importance of chewing food properly to aid digestion and prevent gut issues.
21:27 - Gut health, fermented foods, and their impact on overall health.

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Hey, thank you for joining us for another episode of Your Health Moment. I'm your host, Dr. Fitness. And as always, we're gonna discuss all things holistic health, and wellness. And today will be no different. Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki. And we're going to be discussing how your gut health may be responsible for brain fog, cancer, autoimmune conditions, cardiovascular disease, and even low energy if you're experiencing something like that. So I get to introduce Dr. Rosemarie Ruteckie who's created the techie method. It's a 30-day program that's specially designed specifically designed to give me to help you to transform your gut health in 30 days or less, unlike other methods that you may have heard of. They're not as effective in some can even make your symptoms worse. So the Rutecki method offers a complete long-term solution. And I am excited that Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki is here today. I appreciate you joining us, Dr. Rosemarie. I don't want people to forget your name. And I want them to be able to find you. So it's Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki , The Ruteckie Method. So why don't we start by having you tell us a little about yourself and what you do, Doc?

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  3:16  
Oh, thank you so much, Max, for having me today. I am so excited. I am Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki, and I am a pharmacist. And I'm also a board certified functional medicine practitioner. And I help people transform their health starting from the gut. So we work in our gut health, we give, as you said, more energy, we're more productive. I work with a lot of high performers that they need. And everybody's a high performer, right? We should all strive to want to be healthy and do stuff and have our 100% our brain and energy just to live life to the fullest.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  3:52  
That's It's so true. Hey, thank you very much. And I agree with the everything that you're saying we all really should perform before performing at a high level. But there are some listeners out there doc that have no idea when we mentioned gut biome, what we're even talking about, can you kind of give us a little bit of an education or what is your what is gut health? Yes.

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  4:17  
So they got microbiome is the combination of all your friendly bacteria. We have viruses, we have tons of things in our gut and they leave happy there. And what they do they keep us healthy. So 80% of our immune system is in our gut. We also have the gut microbiome and brain connection. So we make a lot of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine in our gut. So if we're not eating for our gut, our gut is going to get sad, right? And they were going to feel that way. Right? That's a and also the gut microbiome or that combination of friendly gut bacteria we have they're there for shouldn't use to digest the food so we can absorb the nutrients, and that all the nutritional will go through our cell membranes. So healthy, right? Oh,

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  5:11  
yeah, that's fantastic. Yes. So description, thank you.

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  5:18  
For the gut. So that way, if if we're eating food, that is not what our gut microbiome wants, then they got microbiome is going to be hungry. And when the gut microbiome is hungry, is going to be looking for food. And when it doesn't find it, then that's when we start seeing disease.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  5:37  
Got you. So what I hear you say, because you know, I'm a little bit slower than you Doc. What I hear you say is, there is friendly bacteria that live in our gut in on us. And there are unfriendly bacteria that live in our gut and on us, and they're constantly at war. And the one that wins that war is the one you feed. So if you give your gut the food, that if you feed the friendly bacteria that in your gut, they're going to do a much better draw job with your immune system, with their fight to help you to digest and process food and things that you need to run properly. But if you don't feed them, and you feed the other side, the unfriendly bacteria, viruses and Candida and yeast says, then what happens is they win this proverbial war of your body, and they don't really care about your body. They don't care about your immune system. They don't care about making sure you get nutrition, they just kind of care about themselves. Yes. So we definitely want to make sure that we learn how to feed the ones that are our team. So we can win this war that's always raging, instead of feeding the ones that are out to get us does. Is that a good recap of what you said? That's

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  7:02  
a good Yeah, I like the way that you put it in your own words, right. So we got to feed the good ones. So they they win, right. They're like the kind of like our castle protecting our universe, they're protecting us. And then when we're not feeding them, then we're going to we can see an overgrowth of yeast. And then we see a lot of people that have used overgrowth, when they take a lot of antibiotics, or they take a lot of pain medications, or they take a lot of antacid medication, or they're in a lot of stress, then we're feeding all of these bad bacteria, also having low stomach acidity. So that's where we start, they got microbiome doesn't start in the gut starts in the mouth. So we have also got my microbiome in our oral cavity. And that's also connected through our gut. So going to the dentist, having good oral health, checking that we don't have any periodontal disease is important to protect our gut microbiome, our whole system to chewing the food, some things we're eating so fast, that we just swallow the food we don't. So the act of showing the food, create your mastication increase the stomach acidity, send signals or our you know, to have more digestive enzymes so we can digest the food. So we are eating on the TV, or you know, eating very fast not paying attention to the food that we're having, then we're not preparing the whole system to receive the food. Oh,

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  8:33  
yeah, that's another really great point. Yeah. So that chewing process, yeah.

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  8:39  
Vital. And then there's another process that happened in our gut, that is called the migrating motor complex. And that migrating motor complex, it kind of like a sweeping system, kind of like the lady that is cleaning. So after we eat, we need about three hours to let that system start cleaning, cleaning, and then digesting and moving the food towards the colon so we can excrete it. If we're constantly eating and snacking, right and not giving our body that break in between meals or at least three hours in between. We're stopping the migrating motor complex to receive more food. And that creates a lot of gut issues too. Oh, so that's a good one too. Right. So we start we start with the mouth, our oral health, we eat, we ensure that we have good stomach acidity to digest the food, stomach acidity protect us from all this overgrowth also from coming from parasites from H Pylori. If we have a change in our gut acidity, it's kind of like that police officer is not there anymore. And then the door is open, right? Because then the stock market is gonna let everything go inside during in testings.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  9:52  
I love it. I love it. So there's so many there's we could always break Just down and I think I love the way the doc is really handling this cheese starting at the mouth where all the things are so important to get done with your mouth. So if you have dental issues, if you have, if you tend to eat really quickly. I think you know, reaching out and learning more about the real techy method is something you really should do. So just those two things, you know, if you're wondering if your dental health is the right dental health for you, how can you tell that, that would be probably a really good reason that you should reach out in to Dr. Rosemary, RI techie and learn more about step one, even because there are various steps that you'll need to really understand. But hey, starting at the beginning is always a good place to start from the things that you're just putting into your mouth and how you're managing them. So if you're not sure if a the food that you're eating is helpful to your gut, it's a great reason to reach out and give more, I wish I had all day to talk to Dr. Over techie, but she's very, very busy. But she's gonna have time for you. And all you need to do is reach out, go to the show notes. Check out the offerings that Dr. attackee has. And I think you're gonna really be really appreciative that you took the time to listen to this. So we're going to continue on with the doctor attacking and mind you if you're just turning or you just started to listen to us. I'm speaking with Dr. Rosemary ri techie who's created her real techy method. Now, what inspired you Doc to create the root techie method? Oh, can you tell me about that? Well,

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  11:46  
the route taking method is a combination of all the years of that I have been working in functional medicine, and I have been in the healthcare system for 21 years. And I always say that for a lot of people, it's a struggle to start, I and we always have to start from the beginning and learning the basics. In order to improve our health, we can make functional medicine more affordable, because right now it's not covered by insurance. And not everybody can afford it. So I decided to create an online course that people can just log in from their computers, their phones, and start learning the foundational work to improve our health. Because we don't need a lot of expensive stuff to be healthy. We have to start with the foundational work. I even have people that come to me with a taking peptides or doing very expensive things or hormone replacement therapy, and they haven't done the foundational work. That's why they still don't feel good, even though there's 1000s of dollars. biohacking with a lot of equipment that tons of supplements are very expensive. But if you don't work on the nutrition, feeding the gut microbiome, what it needs, and doing the foundational work first, doesn't matter what you do, if you don't, you know, the foundation of the home is the most important thing, your cell membranes, their gut microbiome feeding the gut, the gut is happy, then everything is going to work. And you're going to notice that it's going to be easier to work in other systems, like for example, your hormones, a detoxification once your gut microbiome, it's so so

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  13:21  
dark, what are some of the signs that your gut microbiome is not really working the way it's supposed to that maybe you need to really tighten up and change a few things. Is there some signs okay, what will I notice? Great

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  13:36  
question marks. So one of the first ones will be of course, having digestive issues, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, okay? Some people tell them, I go to the bathroom every two, three days, and I'm like, Oh my God, that's terrible. We should go to the bathroom every single day, or good bowel movement that you feel complete. That means that our system is working, we detoxify when we go to the bathroom, right? And if we're not going to the bathroom that creates a backlog of toxins, excess estrogen for females, that can turn into a issues with your menstrual cycle, PMS, a lot of bleeding, we have a lot of estrogen. And therefore guys, more estrogen means less testosterone or abdominal fat either. Those could be signs of having issues with your gut, because they got pretty much get rid of excess estrogen in the body. They got on the hormones. Okay, you go ahead.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  14:35  
Oh, yeah, I was saying so if you're noticing that you have a gut. I mean, this is something you should really look into. Yep.

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  14:44  
Yeah, being tired fatigue, in not thinking straight, not sleeping. Well. All those are signs also have got a microbiome dysfunction having an autoimmune condition. A lot of autoimmune conditions starts from the gut microbiome. There's a lot of bacteria that have been related to autoimmune conditions like Klebsiella. For example, in patients that have remember I Fridays, they tend to have that in their gut. Many things H. Pylori can also be a connected to thyroid issues. So if you have any, any autoimmune condition, any a patient with your heart with your cholesterol, I will say like everything is connected to your gut. So there's something happening with your health right now, work with your gut microbiome. Even if you don't have the physical digestive symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, bloating, you can have, you can go to the bathroom every day and think, oh, I don't have any digestive issues. But if you have an autoimmune condition, then you have a gut microbiome issue.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  15:47  
So so if you're not familiar with auto immune condition, Doc, what with auto immune condition being the arthritis or are there some others that you can? Yes,

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  16:02  
so our immune conditions aren't when your body attacks itself, the immune system is confused and start attacking itself. Okay. So let's say for example, Hashimotos is a condition of the thyroid where the immune system attacks the thyroid, okay? Rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune condition where the body starts attacking the joints, okay? There's other there's so many autoimmune conditions, different psoriasis, attack your skin, Crohn's Colitis is an attack to the gut, directly to the gut. And we have found a lot of research that your gut microbiome leaky gut, or that is connected, and could be the starting point of an autoimmune condition. Okay, so working with a God, we can stop the progression of an autoimmune condition, right? It's not that we're gonna cure it, you know, a lot of cases people like, Get really good, and they reverse, but they still have to be vigilant, because if they stay on track, the autoimmune condition will flare up again.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  17:08  
That's fantastic. So that's really good to know. So psoriasis different types of skin conditions. So exploring your gut biome, and making sure it's correct is really a good thing to do now, correcting it, and making sure that my gut biome has a lot of different species of flora, or is it positive or friendly? Bacteria?

friendly flora? Yeah.

So if we want to make sure it does, how can we make sure that we have a large spectrum, so different types, because I'm assuming we need a lot of different types of friendly bacteria in our, in our war, it's like, if you're fighting an army, you need planes, you need tanks, you need soldiers. You need missiles, you need a whole lot of different ordnance, depending on the warrior fighting, so I'm assuming it's the same for the bacteria that would be in living in us and on us.

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  18:15  
100% diversity, good variety of commensal flora. It's very important because the more friendly bacteria we have, the more Flora we have, the stronger immune system will be also is correlated with longevity. So people that are aging, they have low microbiome diversity, low flora. Okay, so we have to feed it, we have to feed it with things that will make it grow all the time. Okay. Things like fermented foods, tons of fiber from fruits and vegetables, okay. They got microbiome loves that. And our diet, unfortunately, the American standard diet, the standard American diet, I call it the SAD diet is sad. Because it's not eating the gut microbiome, right? It's food. And before when I was young, I didn't know any any of this information. I was just thinking, well, food calories, you know, if I'm hungry, I eat. But now that I have all this knowledge, and all the data and all the research showing how important is eating for the gut microbiome by incorporating fiber with fruits and vegetables, and fermented foods, I made that part of my diet. Okay. So it's like, if I eat all that, then I indulge myself with something sweet because I already fed my gut microbiome. Hmm.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  19:37  
Yeah, that's a really good point. Yes. So do your rewards after you feed your good army. But don't spend your life eating the things that aren't feeding that aren't feeding your friendly bacteria because something's getting fed when you eat and it's just not the bacteria that are there to help you. Exactly.

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  19:58  
The good ones you don't want to boom You don't want to keep the ones hungry, because that's when the seeds the seeds start happening. They, for example, a lot of people can have this a condition that is so small in testing now, bacterial overgrowth, and pretty much, I don't know, say like maybe a, I don't want to guess. But it's a lot of people, there's a big percentage, especially people that are diabetic, they have a single, what is the symptom stuck? So symptoms is, so the weight, the weight start is the bacteria of the column of your large intestine moves up to the small intestine because he's hungry. Okay, and then because is not in the right environment, that bacteria should be living in the colon, not in the small intestine, it creates a hell of an imbalance in your gut, a lot of bloating, a lot of gas, a lot of it for some people could be consideration for some people be diarrhea, and it's very difficult to, it's not difficult. It's challenging to treat when you have a lot of overgrowth that is not supposed to be there. So to take that bacteria down, it takes some time and diet, and it's a struggle for a lot of people. So that's what we have to think in terms of like, if we feed our gut microbiome, with the stuff that they got microbiome needs, that you'll never have to worry about these issues, okay, or potentially develop having your gut microbiome is so hungry and starving, that it's going to move up to look for food.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  21:27  
Oh, that's fantastic. So. So if someone listening now they can reach out to you to get in a better understanding of the foods they really need to eat like the fermented fruit foods, because if you're not really familiar with them, reaching out to Doc, you'll be a little more familiar with fermented foods that you could have. And because a lot of us off the top what we think sauerkraut, and maybe Kim Chi, but not not too many people reach out for Kim Chi. Um, some of those firm fermented foods really require you get used to the taste, so to speak well, is that has that been your experience doctor, when you started eating fermented stuff, you were like, yummy, this is great.

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  22:13  
No, when I started eating them, I remember throwing away a couple of bottles, because I didn't like it. Like I'd say eat this. And then as more than then I started doing more research and more research, I have to eat it. So I started and that's right, so everyone start with one tablespoon or at least a teaspoon with every meal. And you're gonna acquire, you're gonna acquire a taste eventually. So by something small. I remember I bought a big one. And I'm like, I feel so bad, because I throw it away, but I couldn't eat it. So buy something small, add a tablespoon or a teaspoon with every meal. And you're gonna find out you're gonna like it now I love it. Now, if I go out of town, and if I don't have for my fermented foods, and missing it, my gut microbiome is like, where's my fermented foods? Like, give give it to me. And he said most is the less expensive way to increase your comments on flora. Because there's a lot of probiotics out there that are very expensive. And they don't work as good as fermented foods. You can even move fermented foods at home, you buy cabbage, so water, you let it you know, for men for a couple days. Then you have your fermented foods.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  23:25  
So it's easy to make at home. And in your material with the tiki method. Do you give instructions on how to make your own fermented foods at home? Yeah. Oh, wow. So. So that's fantastic. Because I think some of the store bought stuff is kind of pricey, too. So being able to make it at home sounds really great. And what I find I do eat some fermented foods, and I tend to mix them with other things. Like I'll put it with rice or put it with other vegetables in the tastes kind of blends in. Yeah.

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  23:58  
I like to mix that up with my me that my veggies. Yeah. It's so good, then

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  24:04  
I Yeah, then I can do it better when I mix it. Thank you for that. So definitely, being able to make my own would be a much better experience. So you can determine what's in it too because I get nervous about buying processed foods of any kind because I'm not exactly sure all the time what's in it, and how it's going to impact my gut. So being able to, you know, make that kind of thing yourself does sound like a really good plan. Yes.

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  24:38  
I like making my own food too. There's nothing like nothing better than eating from home you spent this morning you feel great. And it's just good for you.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  24:50  
I was also wondering because we're this is such a great topic talking about the gut biome and how it's connected to so many facets of our health. thing. And most of us really just don't have a clue. Because unfortunately, most of us don't have access, it seems to functional medicine, we tend to have more access to traditional medicine sources. And so if we're not feeling bad, I mean, there's a place of course, I think, for all medicine, so I'm not discounting traditional medicine, but sometimes I think we go there first and don't realize that, you know, they treat symptoms more than they really go to the root causes of problems like functional medicine does. So, Doc, what are your thoughts? And what do you recommend for people? Because now, hey, if I have something going on with my gut, I think should I go to a functional medicine doctor? Or do I go to my GI guy? From the start? From this? Or

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  26:00  
both? Yeah, well, yeah, it depends. Because if you're let's say you have some rectal bleeding, or you're, you know, having some other big issues a history of colon cancer in your family, of course, you want to be proactive, and go to gastroenterologist to check, because, you know, you want to know that be sure that everything is right, and there's no nothing there to worry about. And if they you go and they check you, which is your most the cases, right? They, they you go to the gastroenterologist, and most of my clients that were one on one with me, they had visit so many specialists. And I like that, right? Because then I feel that Okay, so we cover all the bases. Now let's just work on the things that is my work, right nutrition, lifestyle, feeding your gut microbiome, and feeding your gut microbiome with the right things can also help you prevent colon cancer, because a hungry gut microbiome that doesn't have the, you know, butyrate butyrate, your fuel that he gives is the fuel for your colon or sites, or what leaves in the corner, right. And that's formed by fermenting the foods. So fermented foods have a lot of butyrate, fiber, your gut digested and creates a lot of butyrate all those things, prevent colon cancer. Okay, so being proactive, working on your gut, eating the right things, and also getting tested, I test suggested checks your stool, to microbiome, so I can see what's in there. Do you need more commensal? Do we need to work on your commensal? Flora? Do you have an overgrowth that we need to work on? You have parasites, you don't have enough digestive enzymes? Are you absorbing fat or not all those issues, we look over in a test so we can see what's happening in your gut. But definitely a combination of traditional medicine and functional medicine should be the way to go. Right? Always be sure that you get tested, that they check you. And if they say oh, you're totally fine, they come to and then working, I work with people, I always tell them continue with your primary care doctor, you're gonna go on leave your primary care doctor, you're going to go for your physicals. And then what I guarantee people is like, if you do the work, you only need to go to the doctor for physicals a year, because you're going to be healthy. And that's when you work on the foundation. That's,

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  28:27  
that's brilliant. Because there is a place in that balance, I guess, of both is really an art. But it's so necessary, because I can't see one without the other at this point. In my life,

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  28:43  
I'm the same way I am. When I was in my 30s said like 10 years ago, a I was suffering a lot of digestive issues, a lot of fatigue, a lot of brain fog, I couldn't sleep, I was having hot flashes, I was pretty much feeling menopause on my 30s. And I'm seeing that a lot with younger people. And I went to the doctor and they're like, well, you're fine. There's nothing with you. I'm

like, There's something with me. I feel terrible. And that's how I found functional

medicine, by me being proactive and looking. But if I were to stay, you know, just them telling me, there's nothing with me. Or if I would keep going to other doctors, maybe I would end up in antidepressants, a lot of phenols. And a lot of people, you know, doctor, sometimes they don't know what to do with you and they just prescribe you something just to give you something when in reality that's not the root cause they're just patching the symptoms with a medication. So I'm happy that I was able to find functional medicine because I was able to now I feel better than in my 20s I have more energy, I have more drive, I have more DVT or I have more hair, my skin looks good. And that all starts in your gut microbiome. Also the gut microbiome is connected to your skin. So if you want to look younger, working with your gut microbiome is gonna make you Look Younger to

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  30:01  
wow. So, Doc, if someone were to reach out to you to take the tests until we can determine what's going on with their gut biome, what do you recommend,

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  30:14  
they can reach out to me through my website. I was very techie.com. I'm also in social media, LinkedIn, and Instagram at Dr. Rosemary techie. So it's very easy to find me and I will give you all the information to and I'll give you also the link for the course so your listeners can enjoy $10 off from the from the course that is a $97 super accessible, affordable for people to start improving their health.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  30:46  
Oh, that's fantastic. So go to the show notes, you'll get the link or if you text me, I'll make sure you get the link as well. And you can text me at 904-236-5858. That's 904-236-5858. I'll make sure you get the link to doctor to the doctor, why am I calling the doctor to the techie Method program? So you get that link? So Doc, I really appreciate you joining us today. The information you shared I think everyone needs to know and I think everyone needs to know what's going on with their gut biome. Whether they believe there are issues there happening or not. I think just getting a baseline what your gut biome is a really important thing to do. So thank you very much for sharing this information. Is there one more thing you'd like to share? Doc, before we go,

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki  31:39  
I want to say thank you for having me. And I want to tell people that they don't have to continue to struggle, they can get better there if but you have to work hard for it. And that you have to make your health a priority. A sometimes people don't want to invest in their health, and they invest in things like a car or purse or clothes or things are not going to get you where you want to be. Because you are pretty much neglecting yourself. And you have to come from a place of love of loving yourself before anything else. Because when you're good when you feel good, you can give all that to others. If you're pouring from an empty cup. And that's what's happening with this society. We're all burnt out. We're all tired. We are fatigued. We're neglecting our children. We're neglecting our partners. No, we're seeing a high increasing divorcing parents not being present with their kids, people not happy at work. And the only person that can give you happiness is yourself. So you have to start by loving yourself first, investing in your health. So then what's going to come out from you will change everything in the world, starting with your family and your loved ones. Wow.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  32:54  
Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki, thank you very much for joining us today. And thank you listeners for tuning in for another episode of Your Health Moment. I'm your host, Dr. Fit... I'm your host, Dr. Fitness. And I'm looking forward to talking to you again next week. Take care and bye for now. Bye bye. 

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