Aug. 24, 2023

The Glam Gran Dishes on Life, Beauty, Health & the SAD Standard American Diet with Lynne Bowman

The Glam Gran Dishes on Life, Beauty, Health & the SAD Standard American Diet with Lynne Bowman

In this episode, Dr. Fitness invited author Lynne Bowman on the show to discuss her  life and her book, Brownies for Breakfast, which contains a guide to living healthy and recipes for your favorite sweets and comfort foods, reimagined as whole food, plant-based, sugar-free, low-carb, dairy-free, and gluten-free classics. Stay tuned! Lynne will inspire you to eat better, feel better and look better by the foods you choose to put in your body.

Brownie for Breakfast author Lynne Bowman has been featured at women's expos throughout the country, teaming with actress Deidre Hall to write and publish Deidre Hall's Kitchen Closeup (2010) and Deidre Hall's How Does She Do It? (2012). In previous lives, she won national awards as a creative director for Silicon Valley companies, was Creative Director at E&J Gallo Winery, Advertising Manager at RedKen Laboratories, and freelanced for agencies in San Jose, Los Angeles, and New York. She has also worked as an actress, makeup artist, screenwriter, illustrator, legal journalist and television Weather Person. Lynne has three grown children, two absolutely perfect grandchildren, and is president of The Pescadero Community Foundation. She and her husband have a small farm on the coast of Northern California.

• [8:12] Lynne shares her perceptions of health & wellness being different on the west coast than in other parts of the country.
• [10:27] “And the children are brought up drinking soda and eating chicken nuggets. And it's the worst concentration of the things that are wrong with American cuisine… with American health… with Americans... the sad American diet.
• [17:01] “Another aspect of it is learning how to have culture at a table.”
• [17:54] “A surprising number of parents will confess to me that their children don't eat with utensils. They eat with their hands, because they're eating out of a bag.”

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Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  0:04  
Hello, and welcome to Your Health Moment podcast. I'm your host Max Sturdivant better known as Dr. Fitness. On this podcast, I want to give you the tools to start, continue, and never give up on your journey towards health. Now, whether you struggle with your weight, eating the right food, hydration, exercise, or even time management, you're in the right place, and I'm here for you. Now, let's dive right into this episode. 

Welcome back, I'm your host, Dr. Fitness. And most of you that are regular listeners, you know, my mission is to be your trusted wellness advisor. And so in doing that, I want to be able to introduce to you some of the best fitness health nutrition professionals and programs that are out there and available. And today, I have someone who's going to be a real treat for you to listen to Miss Lynne Bowman. Welcome, Lynne.

Lynne Bowman  1:10  
Thank you so much. I am delighted to be with you.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  1:15  
Awesome. Well, we're really super happy to have you from the other coast. Do your three hours different?

Lynne Bowman  1:21  
Yeah. Yeah. So I've had time to prepare.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  1:26  
So I want to really get into the really exciting life that you have had, and continue to have. If you can give us a little background about who you are. Well,

Lynne Bowman  1:37  
you know, it's so interesting to be this age, and to look back on your life and think, am I the same person that I was when I was doing that? And when I was in those places? I'm not sure we are. In a way you want to wake up every morning and be whoever you are today, right? Because after a while it starts piling up and and our memories are faulty, don't you think we do? You know, we remember things that way. We want to remember them more, or sometimes the way we can't help but remember them. But yeah, it's been a long, interesting ride. And I started out in LA, kind of going the opposite route of the busloads of starlets who are coming in. I couldn't wait to get out first. And I yeah, I worked in the movie industry a bit. I was did a little modeling and acting and did makeup but because it's a company town. And when your friend says, Could you come and do that, you know and wear that shirt? Do you know how to do that? Yeah, I can do that. And so you can't help but get some exposure to the stuff. But I was too brunette and too short and too I think what's the word cheeky to be an actress. I just

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  3:05  
would. What's really interesting is the time that you spend in LA like I know LA to be all about health and wellness when I'm there. The people I talk to they really tend to eat well. They're they pay attention to their health. And I see people that are in the industry of beauty tend to be more engaged in that way. Is that one of the takeaways that you

Lynne Bowman  3:30  
of course, and and I go down there frequently now sort of post it's not really post COVID. But we are traveling more. In fact, we'll be there in a couple of days. And I was there a week or so ago. And it's astonishing that all of the women on the street are not only slender, but skinny, and they're all in stretchy pants and they've all just been to Pilates or they've just been to yoga. And they've all got their hair pulled back in that way that you only see in LA and people don't look like that in other places is max they don't it's it's really kind of the planet of what the planet of the blondes are real health

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  4:16  
and like attitude in life is is that something that inspired you to do what you do now? Because you're really committed to health you really committed to wellness but no, that didn't.

Lynne Bowman  4:26  
That wasn't it didn't happen. I left la in 1971 and went to the other coast to work I actually I I got an on the air job as a weather person. And I'm happy to say I was the worst weather person ever in the history of broadcasting so far as I know, really.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  4:47  
What's it like being a weather person? What makes a good weather person versus a not so good weather person except the obvious I would think if you get the weather wrong, that might be

Lynne Bowman  4:59  
in Those days, all they wanted was a weather girl, right? They didn't want a meteorologist. This was the NBC affiliate. And I had been told I would do news. But before I was going to do news, they wanted me to do weather. And I didn't know dip about weather, I had no clue. So I'll spare you details, but it didn't last long. And I went back to writing advertising copy and got jobs with freelance jobs, jobs with agencies after that, on that coast. But I didn't want to be in LA, I didn't, I grew up looking around going this place is awful. They build these funny looking houses in their buildings that look like hotdogs and doughnuts and things. And it's almost enough to make you think about you know, having lived other lives in other places, because it just always looked bad to me. And so I couldn't wait to get out and and I first actually went to Europe and love that over there, France, but then I wound up in Silicon Valley. And so my career took this interesting turn where in 1980, I found myself in the middle of this digital revolution. And most people didn't even know it was happening yet. But in San Jose and Palo Alto, these new machines were being built that were going to revolutionize the way we did business. And yes, they did. And so my job was to translate that technology to consumers so that they would understand what the heck, they were being sold trusting. And yeah, we had to, for example, explain to men that they needed to put their fingers on those keyboards. Because back in the day, men never put their fingers on keyboards. Women did that not man.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  7:01  
Oh, I didn't even realize that. Wow. That kind of makes sense. So

Lynne Bowman  7:08  
we had to explain. We had to tell him that it was manly. and intelligent. To have a keyboard. Yeah. And didn't take long that they discovered the power of the keyboard. But yeah, it was it was an interesting time and place to be.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  7:27  
I'm sure there's another really fascinating book in there. I'm surprised that you just are not writing and you have so many fascinating stories. You could just like oh my god do so many great books and anything like a movie. I mean, have you thought about any of your stories?

Lynne Bowman  7:47  
Well, I I love doing videos. And what I'm going to want to thank you for asking, because I think really my next projects are going to be audible books. I did those two books with Deidre that I told

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  8:00  
you about. So some listeners may not know that so we can go back and tell them about the two books that you did with Deidre.

Lynne Bowman  8:12  
Well, and I'm talking about Deidre Hall, Dr. Marlena Evans days of our lives. I love that. It's just such a fun idea, isn't it? It's so silly, the soaps and here she is 5000 episodes later and all these years later, but she and I did two books together and publish them ourselves. And the first was Deidre halls, kitchen close up. And then the second one was Deidre halls, how does she do it, which was more of a sort of beauty oriented, or it was a health and beauty book, because when you and I have been talking about this in a couple of different ways, beauty really is health. That's what it is. So those women on the street in Santa Monica and West Hollywood, what you're seeing are women who are maybe anorexic, in many cases, but also very health conscious in a way that people aren't in other parts of the country. I can still remember getting off a plane in Des Moines, Iowa, years and years and years ago, but I had never seen so many people who were large, very large, and sort of blue eyed people. They looked different. I had grown up in such a sort of interesting mix of people, you know, a very, very what metropolitan sort of crazy mix of people in California that I loved people from everywhere. And and I had never been in the Midwest, where there were basically In one kind of person, and they were all kind of heavy.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  10:03  
I had that I had that same experience when I like I was brought up in New York. So from moving from New York, down to the south, people are huge. I mean morbidly obese, there were more morbidly obese people. And when I moved to the south than I think I've ever seen in my life, like New York, it just wasn't as common as it was in the snow.

Lynne Bowman  10:27  
And there are easy explanations for that. One in New York, people walk demographically, people are different, they eat differently in the south, and my children were all born in North Carolina, so they have cousins there and and I've spent time there. And the children are brought up drinking soda and eating chicken nuggets. And it's kind of like the worst concentration of the things that are wrong with American cuisine with American health with American. This the sad American diet, the standard American diet is epitomized in the way people eat in the south and, and Southern people are very, very culturally attached to their food. You know, barbecue and and this gets chicken and waffles.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  11:22  
grits. Bread. Yeah, barbecue, macaroni and cheese.

Lynne Bowman  11:30  
Yes, and banana pudding. So many things that we can laugh about, which is a reason by the way, that I put mac and cheese in my book. Because everybody loves mac and cheese.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  11:43  
But oh my God didn't make it right is brownies for breakfast. And it may sound like it's not really geared towards anything healthy. And once you get it, you will find just the opposite is true. Jehol Well, can you show us the cover?

Lynne Bowman  12:03  
I I absolutely can't. I've got it. Right here. Isn't that amazing? And they're brownies on the cover. But I I wanted the book to be fun and approachable and simple. And I wanted to inspire folks, to you know that eating healthy is delicious. It's better. It looks better. It smells better. It tastes better. And then you look better. Oh, well. You eat this way.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  12:37  
And you were saying that you had an actual macaroni and cheese recipe? Oh, yes,

Lynne Bowman  12:41  
sir. Oh, yes. And I don't know if I can turn to it quickly. But there's

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  12:46  
a donor. Yay.

Lynne Bowman  12:50  
Cuz who doesn't love donut with sprinkles. And you can make them you bake them, you don't fry him. Here's summer squash casserole, which is an you know, that's a southern thing. This is what it looks like before you actually cook it. But look at that beautiful color and all those veggies. And then it turns into this fabulous squishy casserole that you could take to any potluck and be very popular.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  13:17  
Oh my god, I love the pages of your book. And I love how beautifully it's laid out in the pictures really make me want to eat everything I would eat the page that

Lynne Bowman  13:31  
I want to I want to have. And you know what, here's one. This is talking about what to do with takeout, to make takeout. Great. And this is a this is half of a shrimp burrito from my local tech idea that I love that makes wonderful fresh food. And I get it with no rice. And then I put it on top of chopped cabbage and put some on top of it is some red pepper soup that always have in the fridge to use as a sauce. And then a little bit of cheese or vegan cheese on top. And there's a good meal. It's takeout,

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  14:06  
but it looks delicious. too. Nice. So how you can actually transform food. So that's another really good.

Lynne Bowman  14:15  
Yeah, and you know, the inspiration for all this was because I was single mom, three kids never had the time or money like most of America, most parents is they're stressed to the max. They don't have to, oh, here's very, very good. Gelato that you make with three ingredients. Super healthy. And your kids can make it and they will love it. But it's not all desserts and here. There's a lot of of savory food. There's a lot of desserts that

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  14:50  
take your teacher in love you do teach her kids how to cook. Was that part of it? I teach them was that one of the things like you bet yeah

Lynne Bowman  15:00  
because, you know, we're not their servants were their teacher. And I think it's irresponsible not to teach your children how to fully participate in keeping your home, my kids cleaned, cooked, did anything that needed doing pretty much that a kid could be capable of doing. And kids love that they love being competent. They love contributing. What, there's no downside to that. But you have to start early. Oh, here's the mac

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  15:36  
and cheese Great. What, uh, that itself, I've made so many pairs of the mac and cheese looks great. I meet so many parents that don't do that. And so the kids are so ill equipped that they don't know how to cook, they don't know how to prepare food, they go out into the world, and they're kind of doomed to fast food failure.

Lynne Bowman  15:55  
Well, and they're so busy trying to get them into the right college, by getting them into the right preschool. And then you know, going to Mandarin and going to violin and going to baseball and all these things they're driving around, then the kids suddenly goes to school and doesn't know how to wash clothes, how to organize anything, how to how, you know, come on, you need to prepare your kids for life. Not just school.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  16:27  
Right? It's so it's funny, because this thing can be really competitive environment we live in. And as a parent myself, I do understand how easily that can be missed, I really do. But it's really great to have someone with your insight, providing this kind of information. Because I know a lot of listeners out there, if you're a parent, it's easy for you to think I want them studying and not learning how to prepare this food, or I want them studying and not learning how to eat healthy and exercise.

Lynne Bowman  17:01  
But you know, another aspect of it is learning how to have culture at a table. You know, your children learn so much at the table with you. They learn how to argue their point of view, they learn how to listen, they learn how to look and pay attention, they learn how to pass the salt, they learn how to use utensils, they learn about food. I mean, I could go on, there's a whole long list of things that you only learn being at a table with people who you respect. And if you go off to the world to college, let's say and have never learned those skills. What happens, then, you know, and who cares if your piano is pretty good, if you don't know how to eat with a knife and fork. And I've, I've spoken to a surprising number of parents, who will confess to me that their children don't eat with utensils. They eat with their hands, because they're eating out of a bag.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  18:06  
Now seriously, I can't wait to have you back because I could sit and speak with you. on just this topic alone, you know that just preparing your kids for entering life in a healthy way in managing their world when it comes to those things,

Lynne Bowman  18:24  
knowing what food is where it comes from, how to manage it, how not to manage it. I mean, what is more important than that? There, there isn't much that I can think of that's as important or more important than that.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  18:40  
Linda, you are a wealth of really great information. And with your vast experience, a me you bring a lot to the table. And thank you for sharing all of this information and your gifts with us. And I just want to remind people that if you have not checked out brownies for breakfast, you are missing out. So definitely pick up lens book. And Lynn, can you give them your email address?

Lynne Bowman  19:09  
I'd be happy to the website is an easy way to get in touch with me the website is Lynn So it's LYNEBOW ma And there's a contact form there that comes right to me. I will answer you questions, inquiries, anything like that. You and I will encourage you to sign up. There's a mailer list that you can sign up I don't send much out. But what I send out is good. I promise it's good recipes and interesting stories and ideas when I have them for you. And it's not a big list but it's a community of people that I'm very happy to share information with. So Lynn and the books are there. I think all of the links to my other or social media is there, that's the easy way to find, okay,

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  20:03  
great, well, I'm going to be added to that email list, I will be doing that myself today. And don't worry, if you missed any of the information that Lynn gave, it's on the show notes for the show. So you just go to the show notes, all of Lynn's contact information will be there. I really think you should quickly order the book because as Lynn said, the publisher will be going up on the price. So now is the time to order lens book brownies. For breakfast it is the pictures are so beautiful, that the publisher said they used a lot of ink. And because of that, Lynn, what they said they're gonna have to divert their what they're doubling the price. Yes. So this is your time to get it before that price goes up, be sure it does go to the show notes or go to lens website, and you will be able to order the books or order now.

Lynne Bowman  20:56  
And barring that, I'm stocking up. So worst case, you might have to buy it directly from me, I'm trying to work that out. But I'll have a limited supply. So sooner is better.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  21:08  
You know, sometimes when I think when something has a real value, it's important. I mean, the people pay because I think the people sometimes that I've known in my career, the people that I give stuff to, don't get as much out of it is the people that purchase it,

Lynne Bowman  21:29  
I guess and I always think to the price that you pay for this kind of information can save you so much in grief and money. If you're really pay attention to your own health, nothing more important, because

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  21:44  
the information you're providing really does have a value. So I do understand why they would go up on the price. And, um, and I tell you, the people now that will get it, they will see the value in it. And they will see how it benefits them. So you know, it's worth the investment. You know, so if your health is important to you, it's important that you invest in your health. And this is a great book. And remember to do that I think people are spending on video games and ice cream. So spend on things that are going to enhance your health and not be detrimental to it is my opinion,

Lynne Bowman  22:29  
and it will make your whole family's health better. That's huge to me.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  22:33  
That's right, because you initially wrote the book for you know, your target audience was everybody.

Lynne Bowman  22:41  
Yeah, the subtitle is a cookbook for diabetics and the people who love them. So that's everybody.

Max Sturdivant/Dr. Fitness  22:49  
Thanks again. And thanks for joining us. Big time. Have a fantastic day and everyone listening. Hey, thank you very much for joining us. We really are happy that you're here. God bless. 

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