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Best Podcast Ever!
I always get so excited when a new episode drops! Please keep up the great work.

I LOVE Paul Vato Presents!
One of the best podcasts that I have ever listened to. Please make more episodes!

Love the vibe and energy of Paul’s interviews
Really fun podcast. Paul asks great questions and really creates opportunities for his guests to share their stories and wisdom. Definitely recommend!

Fascinating guests!
I’m new to this podcast, and listened to two episodes immediately so I could get a sense of the show. I read several show notes as well and found additional episodes I want to explore. I like that the host pairs people with topics that are important to them and things we may not have known about the guests.

So Much More Than Comedy
Paul is fantastic and fun! A wild diversity of guests from so many different industries. I am often bothered by unstructured conversations in podcasts but Paul makes it work. A lot of fun.

Awesome show!
Love all the different guests!

Interesting Interviews
If you like a variety of people and a bunch of interesting interviews you will enjoy this pod. Plus as a bonus you can watch it when you want on the Fireside app as well

Varied and interesting.
I can see the value in so many of these conversations but it feels a bit scattered across business and entrepreneurs as well. I was hoping for a comedy podcast but the latest episodes weren’t comedy. I’m not sure I’m the right audience but I will say the production value is high and the content is interesting!

Just what you need sometimes…
Paul Vato is fun to listen to. His guests seem completely at ease and comfortable and seem like they’re enjoying the show with him. Definitely a few laughs to help you relax and take in the unique stories from his varied guests.

Fantastic Podcast!
Paul Vato is an amazing podcast host! I love the attention to detail that he gives each episode and guest. Paul covers various topics and personalities in the entertainment industry. A definite, must listen!

Great show
Love his personality and energy and the content is top notch.

Love this show
Paul has a super interesting group of friends and that translates well to this podcast.

Fun listen!
Paul’s conversations are always inspiring fun and funny. It’s always a pleasure to visit with him. Thanks fir having me on!

Funny & Educational at the same time!
Paul is a character and has great energy! At the same time his shows are very educational. Worth listening to his show!

Cool peeps with cooler stories
Paul has the most intriguing guests and it’s so cool to get to learn their stories. Life is funny. I can laugh with Paul!

Awesome podcast
Great podcast, Paul Vato hosts amazing shows

Paul Vato is my newest favorite podcaster! His interviews are not only fun to listen to but also very insightful. I love that he has a variety of guests from all walks of life and not just Hollywood celebrities. Season 2 is just AWESOME!

Infectious Feel-Good Energy w Epic Topics
Paul’s interviews are an experience! I just feel like I’m right there having a jolly good time w them! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Amazing Creator!!
Paul is so funny and so talented. He is insightful about what he does! His interviews are amazing and he keeps it fun and entertaining to listen too! Thank you Paul for all that you do! If you haven’t listened to him yet got that play button and give him a listen and a follow as well!