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Paul Vato Presents: A Celebrity Centric Podcast!

Paul Vato Presents: A Celebrity Centric Podcast!

Actor, improvisor, author and business owner, Paul Vato, interviews his celebrity friends from the world of entertainment, finance, social media, travel & business.

Meet, laugh & learn from famous actors, improvisors, comedians, singers, dancers, voice over artists, authors, photographers, painters, social media stars, influencers, world travelers, entrepreneurs and industry leaders from around the globe.

Paul Vato Presents is recorded LIVE on Fireside in front of a live studio audience. Fireside is owned by Falon Fatemi and Mark Cuban.

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From the Improv Stage to TV Land: Kate Lambert's Journey with Teachers TV Show and the Power of Chicago Comedy
Jason Hill, The Founder Of Owwll, On Using The Owwll App To Help Build Strong, Useful And Safe Connections
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Jason Hill, The Founder Of Owwll, On Using The Owwll App To Help Build Strong, Useful And Safe Connections

Aug. 17, 2022

In this episode we learn: 1. How difficult it is create and market a success app (only 1% of all apps are successful). 2. Why using the Owwll App to make new business connections and to network makes perfect sense. 3. Why…

About the Host

Paul VatoProfile Photo

Paul Vato

Actor / Improvisor / Poker Player / Author / Entrepreneur

Paul Vato is an actor and improvisor from Chicago, IL. He has recently lost 70 lbs by doing yoga and changing his lifestyle. He has appeared on MADtv, The Sarah Silverman Program, Cedric The Entertainer Presents:, Reno 911, The Bold & The Beautiful & ABC's To Tell The Truth. He appeared opposite Nicholas Cage in The Trust. He has also appeared in dozens of commercials representing such brands as, Disney, Cricket, Dodge, Toyota and Visa. Look out for Paul Vato on Seth McFarlane's latest TV show Ted, on Peacock this year, 2023!

Paul Vato produced, edited, and filmed Keep It Green with Sarah Vato and Shelley Pack, which led to Sarah and Shelley being the first talent to be hired by Discovery Channel’s Planet Green for their new show The G Word.

He co-founded ¡Salsation, Comedy with a Latin Flavor! in Chicago and ¡Barrio Speedwagon! in LA., their hit show, ¡Touched by an Anglo! ran in Chicago and LA for many months to critical acclaim and accolades in both cities.

Paul Vato trained at iO, The Second City and Annoyance theater in Chicago and had the amazing opportunity to study with improv comedy guru and legend, Del Close, who directed him in several shows at iO in Chicago.

Paul is originally from Aurora, IL (Wayne's World) and is now based in Los Angeles and Las Vegas where he owns Vato Cigars. His latest projects are, BAD hOMbre YOGA, a healthy lifestyle brand and Paul Vato Presents: A Celebrity Centric Podcast!

He is bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish, and is currently learning Italian and Russian.

Connect with Paul Vato across all social media at