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Kāma Sūcia

Kāma Sūcia aka The Filthy Bed By Dougherty Sanchez & Phil T. Sanchez. (Parody Sex Guide)

Based on the ancient Indian sex manual, the Kāma Sūtra, here is advice to steam up any bedroom, car, dorm room or vehicle, and spark life into any romance. From oral sex to sitting and standing positions, to more adventurous positions like "The Donkey Punch", "The Angry Pirate" and the oft misunderstood, "Cleveland Steamer", it's all in this wonderfully romantic sex guide for today's man.

This modern Kāma Sūtra opens up a new and exotic world of sexual pleasure that will change your sex life forever with over 500 positions and definitions that are guaranteed to shock even the most ardent Casanova amongst us. And yes, you get the full expanded list of 26 explanations for The Shocker!

This modern translation of the classic Indian text, the Kāma Sūtra, has been envisioned by Dougherty Sanchez and Phil T. Sanchez, cousins and reincarnations of his Most High Holiness Vātosyāyana. The Kāma Sūcia aka The Filthy Bed, is an intimidating guide to the secrets of erotic penile pleasures!