Where All Roads End

Some people will go to great ends to find answers to difficult questions, especially those question that have no answers.

How exciting! A GUEST VOICE ACTOR!!

Meet Peter Gourri. Born in London, when he is not enjoying life as a voice actor, he is a Qualified Executive & Business Mentor//Coach, Non-practicing lawyer, Human Resource & crisis management specialist, and retired RAFVR(T) Senior Officer with particular expertise in mentoring as well as leadership coaching and training. His clients range from individual executives and high-growth start-ups to multinational Fortune 500 corporations and others.

He is a voiceover actor with an excellent range of voices including but not limited to:
1. English
2. London Centric conversational
3. Authentic
4. Rich
5. Smooth/Sexy
6. Deep
7. Real
8. Non-announcer
9. Explainer
10. North London Lad
11. Military
12. Posh military type
13. Exaggerated upper crust
14. Drunk upper crust
15. City of London professional
16. London west central professional
17. London general
18. Soft/Hard cockney

Peter trained with Edge Studio in New York City as well as with well known voice artist and coach, Anna Garduno. https://www.petergourri.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/petergourri/

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