July 15, 2023

Episode 97 : Ahead of His Time

Episode 97 : Ahead of His Time

Ahead of His Time : Many regard Charles Babbage as the father of the computer. His ideas were revolutionary, and they were completely original... weren't they? 

We hope you enjoy our second story by Untold Tales Author Hal Fulton!  Fulton is a software developer in real life; he has two degrees in computer science and is the author of "The Ruby Way". His passions are reading, writing, music, art, and theatre. He lives in Austin, Texas, in a condo located directly above the center of the Earth. His hobbies include live music and passing counterfeit bills to tourists. His short stories have been rejected by some of the finest magazines in the country.

You can find more of Hal Fulton's work on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3f3S3KP 

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