March 3, 2023

When Do You Listen?

When Do You Listen?

One of the main reasons that we created Untold Tales Audio Anthology was because it simply takes too long to listen to full audio books and, while we love quality science fiction, you simply cannot listen to an entire novel in a single sitting.

However, people can listen to a short story in twenty to forty minutes and hear an entire story in a single session.

Our question for you this week is WHEN DO YOU LISTEN to Untold Tales Stories?

- Do you listen in the morning, when you are eating breakfast or getting ready for work?

- Do you listen to untold tales on your phone as you commute to work?

- Do you listen to stories at lunch, the way some of our subscribers have told us?

- We have heard that some people listen to stories at night just before they so go sleep.

Please use the comment section below and let us know when it is that you pull up a story from our podcasts and enjoy your favorite stories. We love our listeners, fans and patrons and want to know more about your listening habits so we can provide the best entertainment experience that we can. Tell us when your favorite time to hear our podcasts it and let us know what you think of our stories.

If you listen to our stories, we want to hear from you.


     Jeff Robinson