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Hits the nail on the head!
So insightful, engaging, and funny! This really hits the nail on the head: how come we are so uninformed about menopause, when it affects us all, directly or indirectly? Everybody needs to be comfortable with this topic. I thought I knew a thing or two already about menopause, but I listened right through to the end, as new insights kept cropping up. Great job, to both of you!

Raw, personable and insightful
Catherine is a powerful host who creates a safe container for her guest to share their story. Having listened to her double episode with Antoinette Daniel I have a deeper understanding of burnout, the challenges faced and most importantly what moving forward looks like. If you or anyone you know is impacted by this topic, this episode is a must listen. The overall theme of the podcast is to create a platform to have the conversations that should be happening in the workplace, but aren’t. This is a great place for leaders to go to see what they could explore within their own organisations and employees to go to feel less alone and get ideas to tackle the challenge.

Tell it like it is
With natural candour, honesty and humour Catherine Dives into topics on our minds but not tongues. From prejudice blindfolds to bit size take always to up your communication game, the unsaid @work podcast is a true value add for any human that works (and there’s a fair bit about furry friends too)

Much more than a corporate culture podcast
I have been listening to this podcast from almost the start after a friend recommended it to me. I am not in the corporate world but the issues Catherine talks about translate to personal life so well. I have learned so much. Honestly it’s my no1 podcast. Thanks for all the hard work Catherine

Brave and tender
A compelling and authoritative look at the workplace from a podcaster willing to tackle the ‘difficult’ topics with honesty and tenderness.

Insightful but accessible
Catherine's discussions whilst business focused are also highly relatable outside of the workplace. She approaches the discussions with heartfelt openness and candor. You often feel you are learning with her as well as from her as the conversations unfold. I find myself mulling over the discussion, long after finishing the podcast. Highly recommended!

Well Worth A Listen - Thought Provoking!
Honest insightful conversations that always leave me pondering and/or taking action

Saying the unsaid - an honest & thought provoking podcast
Catherine is my wing woman - we meet every few weeks and she helps me unknot the knotty work issues floating about in my head & affecting my work. The podcast Unsaid at Work keeps me topped up in between our meetings. Covering everything from the 5 questions to change your life, to how to give feedback effectively, along with the ‘taboo’ topics about racism and sex at work. Catherine also introduces us to some amazing people who we can all learn from. If you haven’t listened yet I would say give it a go.

Catherine's clearing the air to have refreshing, honest conversations at work!
Catherine's podcasts are so refreshing: she's shedding a light on what can feel like challenging / difficult workplace topics by reminding us that we're all human and these conversations DO have a place in the office. Particularly pleased to see a running theme of the need to create psychologically safe spaces at work to have these types of chat and improve employee experience. Keep the podcasts coming!

Unsaid@Work - Thriving as a Freelancer
Catherine Stagg-Macey is a fabulous host of Unsaid@Work who asks just the right questions of her interesting guests. I’ve just listened to Thriving as a Freelancer which contained a really informative and enjoyable mix of personal stories, experiences and plenty of practical tips - great conversation! Could totally resonate with lots of what was discussed - definitely thought provoking and uplifting with a clear focus on thriving in whatever work you do. Particularly found the exploration of ‘What makes for a great freelancer?’, and ‘Can anybody be a freelancer?’ interesting - thank you Catherine

One of the best authentic podcasts covering the topics many others don’t!
I’m really enjoying this podcast! It covers lots of difficult topics in Avery authentic way. If you like hearing and learning about the elephant in the room topics at work then this podcast is DEFINITELY for you and worth a listen. You won’t be disappointed!

Love Catherine’s insightful questions
Love the topics that Catherine selects and the easy rapport she has with her guests. Great questions!

Find your way
The conversation in the podcast is frank and real. Two things vital to find your way around. Catherine shares her vulnerability and learnings in a warm and professional way and gets the most out of her guest. Great to keep you motivated and connected with what matters to you. Go listen and find your way!

Perfect timing
Every now and again my courage flags and I’m tempted back to a job job from my freelance life. The first episode was such a great conversation that renewed my love affair with freelancing. Such a great energy and inspiration to keep on keeping on. Thank you Catherine for a fabulous start to your season 🙏

Said @ last
Unsaid @ work. Said @ last. Intriguing and insightful. Looking forward to future episodes.

The friend I always wanted sitting on my shoulder!
So much of this resonates with me. I always wanted that ‘friend on my shoulder’ who could help assure me and guide me when I needed it. What a fabulous resource this will be to both new leaders and those who have simply ‘lost their mojo’ as Catherine puts it. It’s definitely worth watching, and tuning into, this space!

Finally someone is talking about it.
I am so pleased Catherine is now talking about the topics every corporate forces on to their teams and almost make you afraid to take a step outside. Equally no safe space is created for employees to ask questions as the environment changes. How do you understand something you have no background in! 3 years in having retired from the corporate world 3 years ago. I have been utterly astonished how I can make money…. Thank you for talking about this!

Inspiring and motivating
Wonderfully produced with information content. Looking forward to hearing the next episodes.