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September 22, 2023

Greenbelted, Again! -- The Daily Beaver Morning Show

Greenbelted, Again! -- The Daily Beaver Morning Show Episode 221

Hey Kits!

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Well, **all​​** it took was a scathing AG report; a referral to the OPP, which was instantly sent to the RCMP; the resignation of a Minister's Chief of Staff (who has since lawyered up); revelation of a cartoon-worthy cast of shady characters, including psylocibin pushers; the eventual resignation of said Minister (who has also since lawyered up); a cabinet shuffle that brings in even shadier Paul "just sign this, Mom (allegedly)" Calandra to bat clean up; revelations of group trips to Vega$, to enjoy, among other things, some hot oil rubs (and tugs?!?) at an "opulent" massage joint with a second Minister; which leads to the resignation of said second Minister; which then leads to That Fucker Doug Ford™ finally reversing himself on the Greenbelt, and "I swear, this time, I really, really, *really* double-pinkie-swear promise with maple syrup on top, that won't touch the Greenbelt"... But we all know what a Doug Ford promise is worth.

This is not the end...


  • Flip Flop Ford
  • Alberta CPP Grab
  • Manitoba Election Debate

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This is episode 214 of the Daily Beaver Morning Show.


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Because #DemocracyIsSomethingYouDo...

If you happen to be living in Manitoba, please get out there and make sure you know what you need to know to cast a fully informed vote. Advanced voting starts Sept 23. Plan your vote. Election Day, October 3. Friends don't let friends vote alone.


Write to your MP, MPP, MLA, MNA, Senator, or preferred local media outlet to tell them you expect them to dig deep into the Doug Ford corruption story as well as indicted-in-the-USA-for-trying-to-steal-an-election Mike Roman's links to Stephen Harper and Andrew Scheer. 

Finally, support your fellow Canadians by donating to the Red Cross Wildfire Response. Air Canada is currently matching donations. 

To do some good around the world, the Canadian Government is matching donations to the Red Cross, up to $3M, for those devastated by the recent earthquake in Morocco.


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[Recording Date: September 22, 2023]

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Democracy is Something You Do. 

Be Kind to & Gentle with Yourself.