March 28, 2023

Winning, Losing, Learning, and the beauty of trying something new | Bob Turnquist

Winning, Losing, Learning, and the beauty of trying something new | Bob Turnquist

Bob Turnquist is a leader and coach committed to building team cultures that inspire people to raise their expectations. A 28-year golf professional, PGA faculty member, state championship golf coach, and now entrepreneur and business owner, Bob has spent his career mentoring athletes and peers alike on the crucial role each person plays in creating a winning culture. He is focused on inspiring people to grow and unlock their individual gifts, knowing that will enable them to contribute to the culture of any team they are on. 

Away from building his new business, RHT Merchandising, Bob is spending time with his kids, supporting them on their journeys as high-level athletes. 

What we discussed:

  • Coaching females compared to males
  • Team culture and values simplified
  • Taking what you're good at and building a business around that
  • Creating relationships w/people who coach different sports or are in different leadership positions within corporate America to find out how to stay competitive and engaged (cutting down on burnout)
  • Losing teaches valuable lessons
  • The value of taking a chance to learn something new
  • The dangers of not teaching people how to be a leader
  • The beauty of calling penalties on yourself
  • Want to find out someone's character? Play a round of golf with them!

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