July 18, 2023

Why phones are killing athletes potential | Larissa Mills (CEO of the Mental Game Academy)

Why phones are killing athletes potential | Larissa Mills (CEO of the Mental Game Academy)

Larissa Mills is the CEO of The Mental Game Academy, Mental Skills Educator, and Coach, Won For All Affiliate, Equipping Athletes with Mental Skills, Healthy Phone Habits, and EQ to prevent Mental Health Issues and Addictions.

Larissa has 30 years of coaching, was a diverse athlete, and has a B. A. in Sociology with a background in Psychology with a Master of Science in Education. She has been entrepreneurial these past few years Founding Iparentgen.com, Digital & MENTAL Wellness, and The Mental Game Academy for Athletes.

The rise of an athlete does not solely depend on their physical skills beyond 16 it really becomes a MENTAL GAME. As Athletes reach this age if they have not psychologically developed their mental skills it can delay their success

If an athlete is to be an elite one they must demonstrate exemplary Mental skills, Team IQ, Healthy Habits, have incredible Focus, we teach them to be happy with themselves and their progress. Athletes who like themselves, have supportive families, and love what they play, can be successful athletes. Teaching athletes mental skills is like giving them powerful skills with the added bonus of preventing phone addiction and mental health issues. Watch athletes feel like they are in their own driver's seat and take life head-on. The new invincible athlete.

Episode Highlights:

  • Why we need to talk for our brains to be healthy
  • Data states that technology (Social Media) can delay your development
  • STOP CHECKING YOUR PHONES when you're at practice or playing your game!
  • Gamers vs. Social Media (SM brings down confidence and self-esteem)
  • What your brain feels like when being on your phone for too long
  • What parents need to start to add/subtract when it comes to technology
  • 5 tips to help athletes put down the phone
  • Setting up a screen routine

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