Sept. 27, 2022

The Shark Effect | A new beginning

The Shark Effect | A new beginning

In this episode, I share my origin story and the new direction and audience I want to impact the most. We all have an origin story where there was a fork in the road, and we had to either go left or get right. This is mine.

Questions you can ask yourself when you are stuck in life:

-Who do you want to become?

-What skills do you have?

-What brings you joy?

-Who can help you?

-Do you have the character to endure the hardships that come with personal growth?

Other things I discuss:

  • The power of a coach can help you with your foundation which is who you are.
  • Understanding the power of influence.
  • Creating a framework that can help you navigate your life (mine is Assignment, Alignment, and Adjustment).

Let's connect:

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