Dec. 7, 2022

Straight up w/no chaser: Wisdom from the Franchise King | Jamie Weeks

Straight up w/no chaser: Wisdom from the Franchise King | Jamie Weeks

Jamie Weeks has been called the culture cultivator.

He is a dynamic keynote speaker, author, and boots-on-the-ground executive who is one of today's most inspiring voices in workplace culture. He’s the Executive Chairman and Founder of Honors Holding, the largest franchisee for Orangetheory Fitness across the globe, and the Executive Chairman and Founder of Legacy Franchise Concepts, a Dogtopia Franchisee and Franchisor for SweatHouz Infrared Sauna Studios. Jamie owns over 140 Orangetheory studios and a dozen SweatHouz Infrared Sauna locations. He has sold thirty additional licenses.

For over two decades, Jamie has developed strategies that guarantee thriving cultures, enable a unique life balance, and foster exponential business growth. Straightforward and passionate, he teaches his audiences when to take risks in business, when to invest in yourself, and why culture building has become his signature stamp. Jamie is an energetic and exceptionally successful entrepreneur whose hard work and successes give him the freedom to live on his terms. Jamie is on a mission to share the secrets of his phenomenal success with others.

What we discussed:

  • Why own a franchise?
  • Jamie's definition of leadership.
  • Key indicators of bad work culture.
  • The 3 best job interview questions on the planet.

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