Nov. 30, 2022

Starting over: Taking your skillset & rebuilding | Tim Claiborne

Starting over: Taking your skillset & rebuilding | Tim Claiborne

Tim is all about the fusion of sports, entrepreneurship, and community impact, with almost 25 years of experience in the sports industry in e-commerce, cause marketing, and event production. This ranges from publicly traded startups, international e-commerce, non-profits, and local small business. Member of Conscious Capitalism, Eliances, NFL Alumni Association, MLB Alumni Association, and more.

Locker Room Sports Community was launched during covid as a way to connect athletes and sports professionals during the unprecedented shutdown of sports and events. Tim's virtual events have attracted an incredible group of pro athletes and coaches, sports entrepreneurs and marketers, sports non-profit leaders, sports media, pro team front office staff, and more. In 2021 Tim launched the athlete entrepreneurs community and his goal is to help 1,000 athlete entrepreneurs achieve their best year ever in business in 2023!

What we discussed:

  • The biggest hiccup that athletes face when transitioning out of sport.
  • The most important tools that athletes have that can help with their transition out of sport.
  • How and when to invest in yourself.
  • How to create elevated relationships.
  • Where to find like-minded individuals who are willing to help you achieve success out of your sport.

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