Aug. 22, 2023

Slaying your Entrepreneurship Dragons | Brad Axelrad

Slaying your Entrepreneurship Dragons | Brad Axelrad

Have you ever heard these myths about entrepreneurship and overcoming fears in business? Myth #1: Entrepreneurs are fearless risk-takers. Myth #2: Success in business means never feeling afraid. Myth #3: Successful entrepreneurs have all their fears completely eliminated. In this episode, our guest Brad Axelrad will share the truth behind these myths and provide insights on how to overcome fears and thrive as an entrepreneur.

In this episode, you will be able to:

·      Master strategies to cope with fears in your entrepreneurial journey.

·      Learn how to foster genuine connections for your personal and professional network.

·      Comprehend the significance of branding in shaping your business future.

·      Embrace the necessity of letting go old beliefs that no longer benefit your growth.

·      Grasp the essence of matching personal aspirations with business objectives for holistic success.

My special guest is Brad Axelrad

Meet Brad Axelrad, whose profound life experiences and passion for entrepreneurship have culminated in a career marked by empowering others. Navigating the complex shift from semi-professional motocross racing to entrepreneurship, Brad understands better than most just how crucial it is to redefine your identity while pursuing a meaningful career. He has now turned his focus to supporting others, helping them to overcome five common entrepreneurial fears as they design their own path to success.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:00 - Introduction,

00:00:30 - Brad's Background,

00:02:57 - The Hiccups of Entrepreneurship,

00:05:34 - Identifying the Dragons,

00:08:13 - Conscious Networking,

00:12:11 - Unraveling Conditioning and Programming,

00:16:36 - Overseas Help and Empowerment,

00:17:06 - The Importance of Branding,

00:18:12 - Positioning as a New Entrepreneur,

00:20:19 - Letting Go and Releasing Attachment,

00:21:58 - Brad's Ideal Client and Contact Information,

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