May 23, 2023

Resourceful Resilience: A Triumph Against the Odds | Tim Gobet

Resourceful Resilience: A Triumph Against the Odds | Tim Gobet

Tim Gobet is an accomplished and dynamic professional with a remarkable career in product management and brand marketing. As a former Product Director at both Nike Inc. and Jordan Brand, Tim consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and keen business acumen. Leading the Nike Athletic Training division, he successfully generated over $600M in revenue, establishing it as an industry powerhouse.

Additionally, Tim continued to shine at Brand Jordan, where he designed the first Jordan Apparel Training line, oversaw Jordan Basketball, and played a key role in the launch of Jordan Football. His visionary approach and deep understanding of consumer behavior have consistently positioned him as a driving force in the industry.

Recently, Tim co-founded Aktiiv alongside Jeffrey Jordan, son of Michael Jordan, redefining the women's activewear landscape. Aktiiv has revolutionized sustainable activewear by combining plant-based materials with uncompromising style, performance, and durability, all while ensuring biodegradability within five years or less. Industry leaders are applauding Aktiiv as the "Tesla" of activewear, with Tim's visionary guidance propelling the brand to innovate within the market.

What you will learn:

  • The difference between IQ and EQ and how it can separate you from the crowd
  • The impact of commitment and how it can change your circumstances
  • The fruit that comes from having a relentless pursuit
  • How to find resources (it's not that hard)
  • The beauty of adversity and how to use it to grow you
  • The importance of a team and a different perspective

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