Aug. 17, 2023

Opening New Doors: Exploring Career Paths through Job Shadowing | Andy Shroeder

Opening New Doors: Exploring Career Paths through Job Shadowing | Andy Shroeder

Does this sound familiar? You've retired from your elite-level athletic career and now you're trying to figure out what's next. You've been told to simply apply for any job or internship available, hoping that something will click. But the truth is, this approach is leaving you feeling lost and unfulfilled. It's time to break free from the cycle of aimless applications and discover a path that truly aligns with your passion and purpose.

In this episode, you will be able to:

·      Learn to strategize for a wholesome career transition and pinpoint your unique influence.

·      Unleash the potential of job shadowing and internships for hands-on career exploration.

·      Crack the code on cultivating relationships and networking to reach the corporate pinnacle.

·      Harness the power of name recognition and a personal brand to unlock doors in your career journey.

·      Appreciate the indispensable role of resilience and transferable skills in the cutthroat corporate world.

My special guest is Andy Shroeder

Meet Andy Shroeder, a well-respected man in the football world who is renowned for finding the ideal fit for athletes when their playing days end. Andy's career in player development spans 28 remarkable seasons where he meticulously crafted his unique method of helping athletes explore different industries through one-day job shadows. While being actively engaged in football, these mini-internships give players the opportunity to dip their toes into various careers without the hefty commitment. Andy's obsession is uncovering the passions the players have outside of football and aligning them with an industry that fuels their spirit.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:06 - Introduction

00:01:08 - Helping Former Athletes Transition

00:03:01 - Andy Shroeder's Journey

00:05:42 - Exploring Different Industries

00:10:00 - Building Relationships and Follow-Up

00:13:51 - Transitioning from Football to a New Career

00:16:02 - The Importance of Professional Courtesy

00:19:59 - Programs for Employment Assistance

00:23:49 - Supporting NFL Players in Business Ventures

00:25:26 - Mental Health Support for Transitioning Players

00:28:07 - Finding Your Attributes

00:28:33 - Resilience in the Corporate World

00:29:42 - Football Skills in the Corporate World

00:30:12 - Seizing Opportunities

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