July 12, 2023

On Carrying a Famous Last Name & Legacy | Jeffrey Jordan

On Carrying a Famous Last Name & Legacy | Jeffrey Jordan

Growing up and navigating the professional world with a famous parent comes with its benefits as well as difficulties.

In this episode, Jeffrey Jordan reflects on his upbringing and the challenges of carrying a famous and legendary family name. He shares anecdotes about playing various sports and the dual role his father, Michael Jordan, played as a supportive presence and a spectacle at his games. Jeffrey imparts valuable lessons from his parents, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and not allowing external expectations to hinder personal growth. He also discusses his approach to relationships, choosing to maintain a low-key identity when meeting new people.

As a former athlete, Jeffrey stresses the significance of self-discovery and not letting one's sport define their entire identity. He highlights the need for a strong sense of self and personal values to resist external pressures, particularly in today's social media-driven world. Drawing from his experience at the Jordan Brand, Jeffrey emphasizes the social skills he acquired, which have prepared him for his current pursuits in digital innovation and investing. He talks about the value of surrounding oneself with quality individuals, striving for personal growth, and embracing stoicism as a guiding life philosophy.

Jeffrey also discusses the importance of engaging in activities that align with one's identity and well-being, such as staying active and nurturing family connections. He expresses excitement about his investment in Active, an eco-friendly women's line, and highlights the positive reception it has received from his wife and daughter.

Tune in to gain valuable insights and hear Jeffrey’s inspiring story.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jeffrey Jordan’s background and education
  • Experiences and challenges that come with growing up with a famous father
  • Core things he learned from his father outside of sports
  • Core things his mom taught him that helped him in sports 
  • Navigating relationships and dealing with changes
  • Personal and professional values
  • Reflection and future plans

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