Oct. 4, 2022

Michael Schill | How to Rebrand & Elevate yourself (w/speed)

Michael Schill | How to Rebrand & Elevate yourself (w/speed)

Michael Schill is a 21st-century entrepreneur. Under the tutelage of New York Times Bestselling author and Real Estate mogul Grant Cardone, Michael has earned an Ivy League level of schooling in the Public Relations game from a ground zero perspective.

Michael Schill is also an Executive Producer & Stakeholder of ‘The Crib Radio Show’ on DASH Radio, an Internet radio platform that reaches over 10 million people monthly. The show, ‘The Crib’, is a vehicle Michael uses to shed light on the Hip Hop/Urban scene by introducing musical acts, social influencers, and industry shakers.

Michael holds a BA in Exercise Science from Florida State University where he had the privilege of playing for their perennial National Championship level Football Program.

What we discussed.

  • Buying into a new system/culture and mind-shift.
  • How to win big with accountability.
  • Advice for finding your identity (The same principles that you followed in your sport just repurposing them).
  • Finding your own personal brand.

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