Jan. 24, 2023

Headcase: A Story of Shock & Denial | Chris K. Jones

Headcase: A Story of Shock & Denial | Chris K. Jones

Chris K. Jones is an award-winning writer, former competitive athlete, and coach. His experiences in his youth with professional athletes shaped his interest in understanding the minds of athletes. Trying to mimic his heroes, he ignored the messages his body was sending him. After a series of broken bones, an eating disorder, and mental health issues, he knew he had to change. Chris turned to Judo, translated as the “gentle way,” Buddhism, meditation, and intensive self-reflection to begin his journey to healing. This served as a pathway to understanding who he was, on and off the mat, and how to turn failure into success. Chris uses his imagination and suspenseful storytelling to raise awareness about generational trauma and mental health in sports.

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