Aug. 25, 2020

George Carroll | How to have the greatest year of your life

George Carroll | How to have the greatest year of your life

George Carroll a fun-loving, down-to-Earth, No B.S. family guy who is passionate about life. He was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado and had a dream to play pro-football. But in a freak accident, he shattered his leg and ankle during his senior season at The University of Northern Colorado, also shattering his dream...

Feeling depressed and suicidal, George discovered hope and inspiration in attending transformational trainings and events. Through is own personal metamorphosis, he was inspired to help others on their journey. Owner of GC Training and Events Corp., George now has nearly 15 years of coaching, speaking and training experience. 

What you will learn:

  • Cleansing your mind of the social media junk to help you stay focus
  • Seeking different paths by listening to your heart & your faith
  • Transforming your life by first finding clarity for who you want to be
  • Thinking about your limitations and how to overcome your fears
  • How to shorten the learning curve of you reaching your dreams
  • How to train your brain to look for "wins"
  • Discovering your personal mission

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