Aug. 29, 2023

From the NFL to Corporate Leader: A Journey of Transcendence | Jeff Thomason

From the NFL to Corporate Leader: A Journey of Transcendence | Jeff Thomason

Do you want to boost your personal growth and increase your chances of success in both sports and professional careers? Well, I have the solution for you. In this episode, we have a special guest, Jeff Thomason, who will be sharing the key attributes and mindset that contribute to achieving this desired outcome. So, if you're a young professional looking to excel in your career or an athlete transitioning to a post-sports career, tune in to discover the secrets to personal growth and increased opportunities in both sports and professional endeavors.

Jeff Thomason, an accomplished NFL player, a mentor, and a go-getter, join us today. His ten-year career in the NFL demonstrated determination and resilience, hallmarks of a successful athlete. His Super Bowl win with the Green Bay Packers stands testament to his discipline and commitment to the sport. Jeff kicked off his athletic career at the University of Oregon, where he quickly moved from being a team player to a team mentor. His post-NFL journey saw him venture into construction before he found his true passion in the medical field. Jeff is a firm believer in humility, often highlighting its role in his successful career shifts.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Learn how embodying humility and nurturing a growth mindset act as stepping stones to NFL success.
  • Explore how relationships and value-driven leadership shape leadership narratives.
  • Understand the issues and opportunities that sports personalities confront after hanging up their cleats.
  • Recognize the clout of vulnerability and relatability in fostering stronger human bonds.
  • Identify the key characteristics and thought processes required for excelling in sports and professional fields. 

The key moments in this episode are:

00:03:18 - Early Days in the NFL

00:06:59 - Transitioning Out of the NFL

00:07:48 - Keys to a Successful NFL Career

00:09:17 - Conclusion

00:14:00 - Overcoming Failure

00:15:19 - Life After Football

00:16:03 - Forced Retirement

00:16:46 - A Surprising Opportunity

00:20:43 - The Power of Relationships

00:27:49 - Introduction to Striker Company

00:28:11 - Athletes transitioning to new careers

00:29:23 - Attributes for success in sports and career

00:32:05 - The importance of details

00:35:49 - Advice for young athletes transitioning to life after sports

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