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March 9, 2023

Entrepreneurship do's and don'ts for athletes | Randall Crowder (Angel investor extraordinaire)

Entrepreneurship do's and don'ts for athletes | Randall Crowder (Angel investor extraordinaire)

Randall is passionate about new venture creation and the innovative spirit that fuels entrepreneurs and advances technology. As an active investor and entrepreneur, he understands what it takes to successfully launch and grow new businesses. He regularly publishes articles and speaks on entrepreneurship, venture capital, healthcare, and the rise of cryptocurrencies.

Randall is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Phunware, a technology company in Austin, TX developing mobile and data solutions for major brands and launching a unique cryptocurrency called PhunCoin. Prior to Phunware, Randall led over 40 angel investments and deployed over $60M across 14 companies as a venture capitalist. Randall is a co-founder and Managing Partner at TEXO Ventures where he focused on tech-enabled health services and he is the sole founder and Managing Partner at Novē Ventures where he focuses on companies leveraging blockchain technology. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Army talk: it will either push you to love or hate having a boss
  • Know your enemies
  • How to find and grow companies
  • What is the biggest factor when pitching to an angel investor(s)
  • The secret weapon that most athletes don't even know they possess and why it hurts them in the world of entrepreneurship

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