May 24, 2022

Dr. Shaun Fletcher | You are a brand...conduct yourself accordingly

Dr. Shaun Fletcher | You are a brand...conduct yourself accordingly

As an accomplished strategist, educator and speaker, Dr. Fletcher has developed actionable strategies for top Fortune 500 companies, guided leaders, as well as inspired and advised our future leaders at some of North America's top universities and institutions.

​Through extensive corporate experience and a research-driven philosophy, Dr. Fletcher has developed a customized curriculum of diversity training and professional development workshops to jumpstart your DEI strategy.

​As Principal Consultant and Lead Facilitator, Dr. Fletcher works closely with private and public-sector organizations seeking to build a more culturally competent workforce and growth-minded team environment.

Dr. Fletcher is a regular contributor on CBS, NBC, and FOX Bay Area offering commentary on issues of race and gender equity in sport, politics, and mental health in America, and has been featured in the Washington Post, New York Times, NPR and Black Enterprise. 

What we discussed:

·     Understanding and protecting your brand

·     What steps to take when you make a mistake in judgment (PR 101)

·     The biggest roadblock for athletes (HS, College, & Pro)…Owning your own development

·     Leadership & Adaptability

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