May 2, 2023

Confessions of a UFC star | Uriah Hall (reloaded)

Confessions of a UFC star | Uriah Hall (reloaded)
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Before retiring from mixed martial arts Uriah Hall gained fame when he became a fan favorite on The Ultimate Fighter (2013). Since then he had developed his skills to become ranked #4 of middleweight fighters in the world (UFC). He was bullied as a youth when moving from Jamaica to NYC and because of the amount of angst and feeling of self-worth, he was a very depressed kid growing up in a new environment and culture. His love of martial arts and a chance encounter when walking to see his therapist ignited something in Uriah. He has a huge heart and is a deep thinker who shares his stories with young students who are struggling with fitting in and being bullied.

What you will learn:

  • Why it's Important to put yourself first
  • How to show yourself love
  • How to prepare yourself for challenges
  • Changing to a growth mindset
  • How to invest your time
  • The importance of owning who you are
  • Learn how to structure your life for success

Connect w/Uriah:

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