July 7, 2020

Clayton Hires | Committing to the preparation process

Clayton Hires | Committing to the preparation process

In this week's episode my good friend Clayton Hires (MMA stand-up coach to Chael Sonnen, Uriah Hall, to name a few) opens up about being a team player and vital member of his fighters camps & "staying in his lane" when it comes to coaching his athletes. He also dives into the mental aspect of the fight game and how most fights are won or lost before the sound of the first bell!

Sit back and have a listen to Clayton's journey (and infectious laugh) to finding his passion and taking that passion all over the world!

6:05 How mastering the fundamentals can give you success

8:00 How sizing up your opponent can be your biggest mistake

13:00 3 meals a day in the Army

15:58 Mental games in the fight game

22:39 A debunked myth about MMA fighters

26:18 Having confidence and work ethic in the fight game

32:30 Committed to preparation


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