Aug. 8, 2023

Being proactive in the recruiting process (for athletes) | Scott Petersen & Pete Ozolin

Being proactive in the recruiting process (for athletes) | Scott Petersen & Pete Ozolin

Scott Petersen, Founder and President of Proactive Athletes, brings to the table over 32 years of marketing expertise and a passion for helping student-athletes fulfill their dreams. His mission with Proactive Athletes originated from a personal journey with his son’s athletic recruitment. Despite hiring six well-known brands in the recruiting world, his son had no offers or scholarships as he entered his senior year of high school. Fueled by a steadfast belief in his son’s potential and his own marketing acumen, Scott took the recruitment process into his own hands.

The results were nothing short of extraordinary. In a short span, his son went from zero offers to over 26 offers and $1.1 million in scholarship opportunities. Scott’s innovative approach involved a high-level exposure program and an athlete branding program, ensuring that each student-athletes skills and potential were showcased to the fullest.

When the world turned on its head with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Scott saw an opportunity to support other talented athletes facing similar struggles. His unique recruitment strategy resonated with families across the entire country, leading to the successful recruitment of over 400 athletes from coast to coast.

Scott’s approach to recruitment stands out in its transparency. There’s no hype, no fluff, just a commitment to providing tangible results. The success stories speak for themselves.

Peter’s journey with Proactive Athletes started with his family’s personal experience. When his son embarked on the high school recruiting process, Peter applied his business marketing knowledge and strategic thinking to the task, leading to a multitude of offers. This experience underscored the transformative impact that targeted marketing and strategic planning can have on an athlete’s recruiting journey. Inspired by this success, and the opportunity to make a major impact in young athletes’ lives, Peter joined Proactive Athletes with the goal of helping other student-athletes achieve similar outcomes.

As Co-Founder and Director, Peter leverages his entrepreneurial acumen to drive Proactive Athletes forward into the future. Proactive Athletes aims to become the go-to student-athlete marketing platform and recruiting company, helping as many athletes as possible to reach their collegiate dreams.

What we discussed:

  • It's your responsibility to be proactive in your child's recruiting process.
  • It's all about marketing.
  • Taking full advantage of your relationships.
  • Men lie, women lie, but the data does not.

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