Oct. 26, 2022

3 reasons why former athletes "kill it" in the sales industry | J.R. Butler

3 reasons why former athletes

JR Butler is the Founder and CEO of Shift Group, a sales recruiting and training firm that specializes in helping college, professional, and Olympic athletes transition into the world of Sales.  

Prior to starting Shift Group, JR was Chief Revenue Officer at Pillir, a fast growth low code software company out of Arizona. Prior to becoming a CRO, JR built and ran multiple sales teams at Turbonomic, helping the company go from a Series A start-up to a $2B acquisition by IBM. 

JR started his career at a value-added reseller in Massachusetts, focused on data center solutions from EMC, Dell, HP, Cisco, and VMware.  His passion for helping athletes prosper is evident as you listen to him speak in this interview.

What we discuss:

  • 4:20 Looking for athletic DNA for business
  • 6:44 Leadership and sales
  • 7:23 Why medical sales?
  • 8:08 JR's big belief
  • 10:24 The 3 biggest traits that athletes have on non-athletes
  • 13:45 The fundamentals are essential
  • 15:50 What negative character trait do you see athletes show that derails them
  • 18:00 Why football players and individual sport athletes have success in sales
  • 22:00 "a good salesperson should be making more than the CEO"
  • 25:54 Going through "training camp" at Shift Group
  • 28:05 A redemption story

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