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Wire Your Internal Messaging System For A Joyful Life with Renee Hughes

If this last couple of years has taught me anything, it's that my joy has to come from me! External distractions can often bring us down. News, politics, family, holidays, illness, job stress....

Today at 5pm ET, I'll be live with my friend Renee Hughes, founder of the Aromaspecialist. Renee is a Certified Aromatherapist & Holistic Coach Mentor, and she created The Mood Makeover Method, an emotional detox program.

Want to feel better? We got you!

We'll be live everywhere - YouTube, IG, FB, LinkedIn. I'm live using Restream! On FB, please grant Restream permission to see your name at https://chat.restream.io/fb

More about Renee - https://thearomaspecialist.com/

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