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When the Health Biz Isn't Healthy - A Talk About Food & Body Image with Charya Hilton

When the Health Biz Isn't Healthy - A Talk About Food, Body Image, and the Patriarchy with Charya Hilton

Warning - if discussions about eating disorders, food, and body size trigger you, please skip this one!

My friend Charya Hilton, The Food Freedom Coach, helps women whose confidence and self-esteem is often undermined by how they feel about their weight, their body, and their food and eating problems.

She understands that how we feel about food affects our work, our relationships, what we dare to wear, what we dare to do, and who we dare to really be.

Charya and I will be digging deep into the toxic health and fitness industry, where so many trainers project their own body issues onto their clients and colleagues. You'll hear our personal stories of eating disorders and dysmorphia, and learn a lot about how we can all help ourselves and each other enjoy food, our bodies, and our lives again.

More about Charya - https://www.charyahiltoncoaching.com/

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